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6 Fun Preschool Leaf Math Projects

I am so excited to share our Preschool Leaf Math projects. This post will show you some creative ways to use nature to learn simple math concepts.

Making a preschool math setup is really simple. In this case, all we did was utilize nature for play and learning.  We invite you to adopt similar, open-ended ways for your children to explore mathematics concepts.

Preschool Leaf Math Project

Preschool Leaf Math Projects

Here are inexpensive ways you can use leaves to teach your child number correspondence.

Math Project #1: Leaves and Numbers

I sent my son out to find 10 leaves in our backyard for this fun math project. Then, I made little dots on each leaf with a permanent marker.

It is important to keep two rows of five, so children will learn this important number set.  Learning five and memorizing the way it looks (and sounds, while counting by fives!) is an important concept to reinforce.

Preschool Leaf Math Project

First, write numbers on simple wooden discs to match.  Start slow, with only numbers 1 – 5, and then work up as your child masters the beginning math concepts.

These kinds of hands-on activities are especially terrific to teach young children important math concepts.

Math Project #2: Numbering Acorns

Next, you can write numbers on acorns. Using the same set of leaves you prepared in the previous activity, your child can match the numbered acorns with the leaves that have the corresponding number.

Easy, right? If you’re homeschooling older children as well as little ones, this is a fun buddy system activity.

Your older kids can help prepare this project for their younger sibling, or practice numbers together: one learning and one teaching!

Math Project #3: Matching Numbered Rocks and Leaves

You can also just find some rocks in your backyard to match with your leaves! Or pick up a set of polished rocks, which your child will absolutely love working with for a variety of fun math projects!

Math Project #4: Leaves and Clothespins

You could also write the numbers on simple wooden clothespins. This version of the leaf math project also helps your child with their fine motor skill development. It gives them a chance to work with the pincer grasp as they squeeze the clothespins and connect them to the matching number leaf.

Math Project #5: Numbered Leaves and Montessori Cards

And here, we placed our leaves on our Montessori sandpaper cards. If you haven’t tried it yet, Montessori is a terrific way to teach your child math, as it’s a tactile method that helps your child with comprehension and recall.

Math Project #6: Leaves and Natural Objects

And lastly, you could write numbers on the leaves, and have your child place beans or small rocks on the leaf to represent that number.  

Give your child only one leaf at a time, and then gradually work up to them using with two or three or even five leaves at a time!  You will find that they love working with these tiny, natural objects!

More Math Projects and Games

There are plenty of ways to teach your child math; it doesn’t have to be an intimidating or difficult subject. By introducing creative and interesting math projects to your child from the time he or she is young, you will build a solid foundation for them to learn more advanced math skills in the years to come.

Here are a few more math ideas, projects, and games:

What open-ended math have you tried with your child?

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