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Choosing a Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Writing, both teaching and evaluating it can be a little intimidating. How do I begin? What do my children need to know? These and many more questions often float through our minds as we try to decide on a homeschool writing curriculum.

Choosing a Homeschool Writing Curriculum from Hip Homeschool Moms

Even if you don’t have an aspiring author on your hands, your children will need to learn how to write research reports, informative and persuasive essays, effective memos, and letters and reports for business purposes. All of these will need to contain sound writing mechanics such as the rules of punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, grammar and spelling.

The 4 Types of Writing

Throughout the course of homeschooling your children, you want to be sure to expose them to these types of writing often. The more they familiarize themselves, the easier it will be for them to write.

  • Expository writing answers a question or provides information.
  • Persuasive writing convinces the reader to take action or adopt a specific point of view.
  • Descriptive writing uses words to paint a picture.
  • Narrative writing tells a story.

The Mechanics of Writing

Beyond learning to compose the 4 different types of writing, a good homeschool writing curriculum will also teach writing mechanics.

Learning the mechanics of writing should include:

  • memorizing the rules for capitalization
  • memeorizing the rules for punctuation
  • good spelling
  • appropriate sentence structure
  • grammar

The Writing Process

Then the final thing for a homeschool writing curriculum to cover is the writing process, which involves a series of steps to help writers organize their thoughts.

  1. Pre-writing – researching, brainstorming and deciding exactly what to write about.
  2. Organizing – putting ideas into logical order, using a writing style that suits the target audience.
  3. Rough Draft – putting thoughts and ideas into written format.
  4. Revising – making improvements to content, structure and style.
  5. Editing – correcting errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  6. Final Draft – putting the essay into final form.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Homeschool Writing Curriculum

  1. Are you comfortable teaching your child or do you want a program that does it for you? Or do you want one that will help you teach your child?
  2. What type of program will fit your child’s learning style? Are they better suited to workbooks? Do they prefer a video based curriculum?
  3. Are you looking to inspire creativity or hammer home grammar/writing mechanics? Maybe you get a program that does one or the other and supplement what you feel it is missing.

Homeschool Writing Curriculum Options

  • Write At Home
  • Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Brave Writer
  • Write Your Roots
  • Learn to Write the Novel Way
  • Wordsmith Apprentice
  • Igniting Your Writing
  • Classical Writing
  • Writing Strands
  • Writer’s Jungle
  • Winning With Writing
  • WriteWell Writing App
  • Fortuigence
  • So Verbose
  • Story Starters
  • One Year Adventure Novel

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