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Ansel & Clair – Paul Revere’s Ride iPad App Review & Giveaway

We truly enjoy utilizing apps in our homeschool. The possibilities are endless and I so appreciate the fun and interactive ways technology has enabled us to learn and grow. My two older boys fancy themselves budding history buffs, so the opportunity to review the Ansel & Clair – Paul Revere’s Ride iPad App was met with much excitement in my home!

From Ansel & Clair: Filled with interactivity, animations, stunning visuals, word-class music and thematic mini-games, Ansel & Clair ride with Paul Revere changes the way History is taught and learned by kids. Exciting new features include a fun Who’s Who Photobooth, pop-up quiz to test knowledge, integrated maps to see the actual maps of key places and events, abilityy to type your notes in the Travel Log and much more. Popular 18th century Rebus puzzles, rendition of H.W. Longfellow’s “Midnight Ride by Paul Revere” poem, licensed art from museums and original period music enhance immersion into history.

I really liked this app and how eagerly my guys took to it. The whole game is so well thought-out and researched, you could tell within the first minute of use!

My oldest son (10) enjoyed the many authentic pieces of art presented throughout the story and activities. They really helped to illustrate the time period and events.

The well-placed quizzes help to reinforce facts learned in the previous segment.

I asked Caleb and Devin what they liked most about the app: They both answered similarly – they enjoyed being able to warn the colonists of the invading British themselves. I appreciate how completely this app allows the kids to immerse themselves in the material they’re learning!

My oldest son’s only criticism is how quickly he was able to work through all of the activities. It took him two days, so maybe a little over an hour of screen time, to work through the entire app. That’s not necessarily bad, as I could see him going back through the activities in the future, but something of which to be aware. My youngest is a fairly impatient child and wasn’t always crazy about Ansel & Clair’s longer pieces of narration, but you are able to skip through those easily if your child feels the same way.

I found the app colorful, easy to navigate, fun to use, informative and very well done! I actually spent about 15 minutes working through the map myself simply for the fun of it!

The boys have talked a great deal about Paul Revere this week. My kids are excited about a period in history they now understand and thoroughly enjoy. What more could a mom, homeschool or otherwise, ask for in an educational app?!?

Check it out for yourself! Visit the Ansel and Clair website and find them on Facebook & Twitter.

Paul Revere’s Ride App Giveaway

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  1. We enjoy using apps to enhance our traditional learning too… we are so excited to get our ipad this semester. In the meantime we’ve been using an Android tablet. I would love to have this Paul Revere app, it will go great with our colonial studies 😀

  2. My younger two haven’t used apps much on the ipad…mainly bc the lone ipad in the house is their teen sister’s. I wish this app was available for kindle fire…that’d be neat. Thankfully, teen sister is generous with her ipad and shares it, esp if it’s a school app.

  3. Right now we only have my iPhone but I’m really hoping for an iPad for Christmas. We use my phone so far for writing practice (letters and number shaping), some spelling and some math. The toddler also uses it sometimes to give us some time to actually get something done. 🙂

  4. My son is only three but we use our iPad to encourage the fun learning of letters. Is amazing how the visual stimulation can help!

  5. We love spellboard for school. You can record yourself saying the kids’ words and using them in a sentence. The kids can do a word search and scramble and then do their quiz all without my supervision 🙂

  6. I had no idea this even existed. We are learning about early american history right now and this would be great to have.

  7. We use apps to help with new math concepts, spelling, and interactive history. These are the three classes that my eldest has trouble with. We love apps.

  8. We are new to homeschooling this year and haven’t used apps yet but I’d like to incorporate their use into our learning.

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