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Learning with the Tech Light Lab giveaway {closed}

My son River is a self-professed tech-geek (Is that one in the same?), which I think is totally cool. Because of his interests, that means we get to do a lot of really fun (and sometimes not so fun) experiments. Tech Light Lab by Edmund Scientifics is one of those really cool and fun experiments that we got to do.


Tech Light Lab

Actually, the lab is composed of 10 experiments (activities), so we got to do many fun experiments in one sitting. Yes, he did all 10 at one time.

The activities allow your child to learn more about light and how it responds when the use of tools like mirrors and lenses and materials like clear white paper and foil are combined. They get to see light bend, blend and bounce, which is pretty amazing when you put color to the light.


The lab kit comes with a set of three LED lights (red, blue and green); white LED light; set of three lenses (concave, convex and trapezoid); diffraction grating; two mirrors with stand; and a guide featuring 10 fun educational activities.

Other supplies that you need, but are common household items, are plain white paper; tape; crayons, markers or colored pencils; index cards; aluminum foil; waxed paper; and a clear plastic cup, We had everything on-hand except the index cards, so we substituted cardstock and cut it to size.


The lab also includes an activity guide that walks the student through each activity. Students can work through the activities in order or pick and choose which ones to complete. You could even give your child one activity a week to complete and write about as a weekly science project if his anticipation of working through them can be held off.


The activities are geared towards children ages eight through 12, which is accurately suggested. I will say that if you have a younger child, who can read and is scientifically inclined, then he may also enjoy working through the activities independently.


One of the aspects of the Tech Light Lab activities that I like is that there is nothing dangerous being used by your “scientist,” so he can “have-at-it,” learn and have fun without you having to stand by or closely monitor what he is doing. Of course, I hung around, because I wanted to see some of the fascinating light effects.

Despite the light that was everywhere in our house, even after closing curtains and blinds, we were able to complete most of the activities and see the different effects. I will say that you will get better results from the activities if you are in a dark room or if you complete the activities at night.


As I said, River is part human, part tech-geek, so, of course, he came up with some experiments of his own using the Tech Light Lab kit, which this kit is bound to inspire in your child too.

The Tech Light Lab kit is available for $49.95 and may be purchased directly from Edmund Scientifics.

Edmund Scientifics creates unusual gifts, demonstrations, science activities and toys for people world-wide. You may visit Edmund Scientifics to see the variety of products they carry which may spur your children to a deeper investigation of scientific concepts!  And the holidays are coming!  And, if you are like me, I love giving educational, yet FUN, gifts… this one certainly qualifies!

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You can purchase the Tech Light Lab Kit from Edmund Scientifics for $49.95.  Edmund is graciously offering HHM readers an exclusive gift of a 3 piece magnifier set just for ordering the Tech Light Lab.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to receive this exclusive gift, you must put the Tech Light Lab AND the 3 piece magnifier set in your cart, and then enter the promotional code HHMSAA.  Only one promotional code may be used with each order.  Offer good through 10/26/2013.  These promotions cannot be combined with any other offers.

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