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Massive List of Homeschool High School History Curriculum Options

One of the benefits of homeschooling high school (or homeschooling in general) for that matter, is the freedom to choose what and how your children will learn something. One of the ways to teach a subject is through a given curriculum. Through our years of homeschooling, I have come across many homeschool high school history curriculum options.


Homeschool High School History Curriculum Options

1. Notgrass High School Curriculum

  • Exploring World History (1 year)
  • Exploring America (1 Year)
  • Exploring Government (1/2 year)
  • Exploring Economics (1/2 year)

2. Lifepac from Alpha Omega

  • Civics & World Geography (1 year)
  • World History (1 year)
  • American History (1 year)
  • Government & Economics (1 Year)

3. Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

  • American History I & II (each 1 year)
  • World Geography (1 year)
  • World History (1 year)
  • Economics (1 year)

4. Crash Course

You can find all the Crash Course videos on YouTube. Plus there are many companion worksheets at Teachers Pay Teachers.

5. Bob Jones Press  – Heritage Studies

Each one of these courses is 1 year in length.

  • World Studies
  • American Republic
  • Cultural Geography
  • World History

6. Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet is a curriculum based in rich literature with corresponding study guides to put it all together.

  • Early American & World History (for use with grades 7-9)
  • American History Through Literature (grades 5-8 & 9-12)
  • Medieval History Senior High (grades 10-12)
  • Modern U.S. and World History (grades 11-12)

7. Sonlight History

Sonlight history carries numerous options that can be done in an order of your choosing and include:

    • American History
    • World History
    • Church History
    • 20th Century
    • American Government
    • World Views

8. Bright Ideas Press

  • All American History – a complete year’s curriculum for students in grades six to high school when combined with the Student Activity Book and Teacher’s Guide.
  • The Mystery of History – adaptable for grades 4 & Up and is a four-volume series that presents world history in a chronological order.
  • North Star Geography – a year-long course for junior and high school students that covers geography skills, physical geography (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere) and human geography (social structures, culture and heritage)

9. Online G3 Courses 

  • Horrible Rome and Egypt
  • Horrible Middle Ages
  • History of US: Prehistory-1776
  • History of US: 1776-1855
  • History of US: 1855-1900
  • History of US: 1900-Present
  • American Government
  • Current Events
  • Big History A
  • Big History B
  • Modern U.S. History through Movies
  • World History through Movies
  • Science and Societies in Science Fiction Movies
  • Advanced World History A
  • Advanced World History B
  • Advanced U.S. History A
  • Advanced U.S. History B (coming soon)

10. Heart of Dakota

This program is called Hearts for Him Through High School and includes:

  • World Geography (ages 13-15; extending to grades 10-12 grade)
  • World History (ages 14-16; extending to grades 11-12)
  • U.S. History I (ages 15-17; extending to grade 12)
  • U.S. History II (ages 16-18)

11. My Father’s World

  • Ancient History and Literature
  • World History and Literature
  • U.S. History to 1877
  • U.S. History 1877 to the Present

12. Truthquest History

A deep and rich literature based history study.  Companion resources can be bought through A Journey Through Learning.

  • Beginnings (Creation/Old Testament/Ancients/Egypt)
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Middle Ages (500-1400)
  • Renaissance/Reformation/Exploration (1400-1600)
  • Age of Revolution I (US/Europe, 1600-1800)
  • Age of Revolution II (Us/Europe, 1800-1865)
  • Age of Revolution III (US/Europe, 1865-2000)
  • American History for Young Students I,II,III

13. A History of Us

Whether it’s standing on the podium in Seneca Falls with the Suffragettes or riding on the first subway car beneath New York City in 1907, the books in Joy Hakim’s A History of US series weave together exciting stories that bring American history to life.

14. Master Books

Each books is designed for a year’s worth of study with 34 weeks in all.

  • American History
  • British History
  • World History

15. America The Story of Us

This is a 12-part, 9-hour documentary-drama television miniseries that portrays more than 400 years of American history (with emphasis on how American creation of new technologies has had effects on the nation’s history and, by implication, the world). It spans time from the successful English settlement of Jamestown beginning in 1607, through to the present day.  The series recreates many historical events by using actors dressed in the style of the period and computer-generated special effects.

16. Veritas Press

Omnibus is the classical Christian educational answer to history, theology, and literature.

  • The Omnibus III Secondary Books course complements the primary books course with 105 engaging lessons, providing a combined balance of history, theology and literature.
  • Completing Omnibus IV will provide the student a full credit in Ancient World History II, Doctrine and Theology IV, and Ancient Literature II.
  • Completing Omnibus V will provide the student a full credit in Medieval History II, Doctrine and Theology V, and Medieval and Reformational Literature II.
  • Completing Omnibus VI will provide the student a full credit in Modern U.S. and British History II, Doctrine and Theology VI, and Modern U.S. and British Literature II.

17. Tapestry of Grace

An award-winning homeschool curriculum: a plan of study that helps parents provide a Christian, classical education using a guided unit study approach, with the history of the world as the core organizational theme. From Grades K–12, all students cycle through world history every four years, with all ages studying the same slice of history each week, each at their own learning level. Detailed lesson plans and discussion outlines enable parents to be their children’s primary teachers and mentors and shape their students’ biblical worldviews.

18. Trisms

  • History’s Masterminds 3500 B.C. – A.D. 2012
  • Discovering the Ancient World 3500 – 500 B.C.
  • Expansion of Civilization 500 B.C. – A.D. 1500
  • Rise of Nations 1440 – 1860
  • Age of Revolution Semester 1 1850-1929
  • Age of Revolution Semester 2 1930-2010

19. History of the World – Susan Wise Bauer

20. The Great Courses

  • American History
  • Ancient History – Classical
  • Ancient History – World
  • Civilization & Culture
  • Medieval History
  • Modern History – Europe
  • Modern History- World
  • Renaissance & Early Modern History
  • Military History

21. Diana Waring’s History Revealed

This curriculum is designed so that all your children can study the same time period and learn some things together while doing different grade appropriate activities. The Student Manual is designed for 5th through 12th grade. This is a book based curriculum. It is also a multi-disciplinary program which means – this curriculum doesn’t just teach history, it includes a focus on the geography, music, architecture, art, literature, science etc. of the time period.

  • Ancient (Creation to Christ)
  • Middle (Roman Empire to the French Revolution)
  • Modern (Napoleon to the Korean War)

22. History at Our House

This series is video based. Full year courses include:

  • Ancient History
  • European History
  • American History
  • Asian History
  • American Government

23. Trail Guides

These Trail Guides are a family-friendly, multi-level geography curriculum guide for students in grades 3 through 12. With its trail markers (animal track icons) guiding your student along three different learning paths, this book can be used for more than one academic school year and works well if you have a number of students of varying abilities learning together.  They provide lesson plans and assignments for a 36-week school year.

24. Uncle Eric Books

  • Economics
  • Nature of Government


  • Grade 9 – World Geography
  • Grade 10 – World History
  • Grade 11 – American History
  • Grade 12 – U.S. Civics

What would you add to this Homeschool High School History Curriculum List?

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  1. Pandia Press’s History Odyssey is well worth a look. Most of the level 2 courses are suitable for high school, some level 3 courses are available and they have a new US history course that’s now out.

  2. Why would you recommend the Crash courses ? I love all your other recommendations, but the guy on Crash course world history is definitely biased against human growth and achivements. He definitely wants to impart his own beliefs about the agriculture revolution. After the video, I felt farming and agriculture was bad, and forging was good! Luckily, humans didn’t listen to his lectures or we would all be living in huts right now. He is funny, but not when he injects an agenda into his teaching. That’s just my thought on this Crash course. Too bad, it was so biased, I would have used it. I’ll check out your other suggestions which look better.

    1. One of the best things about homeschooling is that we can each use whatever curriculum we love! If you disagree with a particular curriculum or it doesn’t fit your family’s needs, you can choose something else. 🙂 There are lots of options on this list!

  3. What a great list! Thank you! I would include Streams of Civilization from Christian Liberty Press. Volume 1 is good but is written for lower level, junior high or early high school readers perhaps; Volume 2 is definitely written for high school students. Volume 1 includes history from the time of creation through the 1620s. Volume 2 covers history from the 1630s through 2019. Make sure to get the 3rd edition that has been revised and expanded by Garry J. Moes; it is more readable, includes recent history, is hardcover with numerous maps, sidebars, etc. Check out Cathy Duffy’s review.

    1. Sarah, I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Are you looking for a history curriculum for students who don’t speak English as their native language?

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