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You Don’t Have to Teach Homeschool High School Math

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to teach homeschool high school math! Here’s the catch though; just because you don’t have to teach it doesn’t mean they don’t have to learn it.

HHM You Do Not Have to Teach Homeschool High School Math

Many people don’t think they can homeschool high school because they don’t believe they can teach the subjects–especially math. Let’s face it, most of us adults have been out of the upper level math scene for many, many years! The good news is that you don’t have to be able to teach homeschool high school math. You just have to find the right curriculum to do it for you!

Math has been a subject we have talked about a lot in our house. My oldest daughter caused us to need to do research and try different things. Our math journey has taken us over many years, through many curricula, and on many ups and downs.

A couple of major things I have learned are:

  • Math is difficult for many kids.
  • Math can be hard to teach.
  • Not all programs are created equal.
  • It’s ok to ditch it if it isn’t working.
  • When you find the right curriculum, it may not be perfect, but it becomes manageable.

Homeschool High School Math

If there is one thing homeschooling high school has taught me, it is to “farm” things out. As our kids grow into the middle school and high school years, we should be working towards more and more independence for them. By their high school years, we are more there for guidance and accountability than the every day grind of teaching and getting their work done. For this reason, the curriculum that I choose for high school is more about my student being taught by the curriculum (video based and computer interactive programs are great for this) or about my teen learning to do the leg work, reading, etc. on her own.

  1. Khan Academy – Khan Academy is FREE and offers high school math from algebra through calculus.
  2. Teaching Textbooks – Teaching Textbooks offers free placement tests to determine the level your student needs. Then enjoy sitting back and letting your child work through the lessons and practice problems. All levels are on CD and offer automated grading (except pre-calculus).
  3. CTC Math for Homeschoolers – CTC Math offers discounts for homeschoolers and has all grade levels from kindergarten through calculus.
  4. Mr. D Math – This runs from pre-algebra through pre-calculus, offering both video as well as live interactive classes.
  5. Saxon Math + DIVE – The lessons in the Saxon textbook are not the complete lesson. That’s why John Saxon recommended an experienced Saxon instructor who could connect the incremental lessons, building complex concepts that are easy to understand. DIVE gives you that expert instruction!
  6. Jumpcourse – Here your student can take college algebra as well as statistics on a path to earning college credit while still in high school!

While the field does narrow some for high school, there are many great options for you to choose from. Due to the extensive number of resources out there for homeschoolers these days, it is possible for you to homeschool high school WITHOUT having to actually teach homeschool high school math!

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  1. No wonder so many of us find Saxon Math so hard to complete without tears!! I never heard about the DIVE part of the curriculum.

  2. My family had used CTC Math, we’ve also used A+ math and mathhelp.com (back when it was my teacher). My kids all had positive things to say. From elementary school math to Algebra, they all love online learning as their base. We add in in person & hands on learning as we go along.

    1. Art Reed has videos for Saxon math that many kids like better than the DIVE cd and they are shorter. If you email him with any problems you are having he will email you back or call you. He also has a book out on teaching Saxon math. He spent at least 20 minutes on the phone with my son and me giving lots of hints and tips.

  3. Tablet class is another option. Most of my kids did great with Teaching Textbooks, but one was still struggling. We decided to give Tablet Class a try, and she loves it. I love it too since she he hasn’t had to ask me for help at all and she is in Algebra 2!

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