Florida Webcams to See Hurricane Irma

I don’t know about you, but I like to see for myself what is happening in Florida!  So we have hunted down live webcams that will show us exactly what is happening. These are not videos, but live streaming, so they will sometimes go down. But click the play button below, just like a video and you will know when it is live there is a red button on the left with the word “live” beside it. I have listed both local and national news stations as well as local live webcams on hotels and piers.




Storm Chaser currently Live on Marco Island where Irma hit. 135+ MPH winds: Click here to watch on Periscope

Storm Chaser was Live in Naples with eye wall hitting.

WPLG – Local 10 – Miami – Live Hurricane Irma Coverage

LIVE News Streaming from Tampa Bay

LIVE News from Sarasota, FL

NBC2 Live Coverage of Hurricane Irma from Ft. Myers

Live HURRICANE IRMA webcam KEY WEST, KEY LARGO video landfall surge

LIVE National News from FoxNews

LIVE National News from CNN

LIVE from the Pier of the Southern Most Beach Resort in Key West.

LIVE Streaming from Key West.
LIVE NBC2 Coverage of Hurricane Irma from Ft. Myers

LIVE Streaming from Marathon, FL

LIVE From Downtown Orlando

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  1. Thank you! My in-laws are in Fort Myers and they wouldn’t leave. They are in the storm surge warning area and evacuation zone A. We are all worried sick.

    1. Jenny, we are diligently praying over Florida and all our families and friends in the path! I know it is so common for the locals to hunker down. I’m from the coast of NC and we used to do the same thing. They are used to riding out storms… but it doesn’t make us worry any less, does it. We will add your family to our prayer list!

  2. Right now, we are experiencing hurricane winds of 100 mph! Lots of wind and rain. Thank you for your prayers for Florida…we are in Central Florida–Winter Haven, FL.

  3. Thank you! I was worried about my brother-in-law and my niece who live in and hear Tampa. I was able to follow the storm live and my fears were calmed as I watched the storm get weaker as it headed toward and then past the area where my loved ones are.

    1. Julie, I am so glad! I have family there too and that is actually one of the primary reasons I created this list! I hope your family and their property fared well. I love the Tampa/St. Pete area!! I hope it didn’t get too big of a hit.

  4. THANK YOU for these links! We’ve ditched cable, so this has been an awesome way to keep up with all that is going on.

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