Logic of English Foundations

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Logic of English Foundations

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Logic of English™ Foundations teaches children age 4-7 to read real books without guessing or memorizing sight words while developing their writing, spelling, and language skills.

In Foundations students gain phonemic awareness, learn to read and write the 74 basic phonograms, and increase reading fluency through structured but playful activities. The innovative Rhythm of Handwriting™ method aids students in developing fluid handwriting. Step by step, students grow as readers, moving from phrases to sentences to paragraphs to books.

Using evidence-based reading instruction methods, Foundations combines multi-sensory learning with the latest in linguistic research to provide students the best possible foundation for education: strong reading and writing skills.

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I purchased this set after hearing the author speak at convention. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about her work. I have only been using this for a short time, but it just makes so much sense. I like that there are more rules and fewer exceptions and sight words. So far, we are impressed!
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Such an open and close curriculum! It makes it very easy to start our day with very little prep work. My son really enjoyed learning the rules and he will now correct himself when he spells something wrong and then tell me why it was wrong and state the rule. He learned a whole lot with just one level I couldn't believe it.
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This curriculum is very straightforward to use and easy to adapt to children's needs and individual pace. I like how it respects children's intelligence by teaching them solid rules about language instead of "funny phonics" that leave kids feeling confused. There are even free teacher training videos online that have helped me understand the different rules before I teach them (with the added bonus of helping me become a better speller!) My kids also enjoyed the games and activities that incorporate a lot of movement.
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