15 Creative Ideas for a Sea Life Unit Study

One of the best things about homeschooling is being able to approach studies from a more flexible and delight directed approach. Why not allow your child to explore sea animals the way he or she finds most interesting? Here are several possible ideas for how to apply the idea. You could assign any one of the following 15 creative ideas for a sea life unit study to your child for a fun way to study sea life.

Sea Life Unit Study


15 Creative Ideas for a Sea Life Unit Study :

  1. Study one sea animal and go into depth. Read books and answer questions like: What do they eat? Where do they live? What behaviors make them unique?
  2. Study sea animals with an oceanography unit. Adding a bit of earth science to the mix can change up the feel of a unit. Approaching your study from the angle of learning more about an animal’s habitat can add some variety.
  3. Study swimming and underwater mobility with a unit on fish. Answer the question: Why are sea animals fit for swimming? Big List of Sea Life Books
  4. Combine ocean study with a book such as Pagoo for a tide pool unit.
  5. Study a particular sea animal with a literature or history study. For example, study Murex and Sea Snails for a unit on the Phoenicians. If you use my sea life notebooking pages–see below– I suggest using the conch or blank page for this.
  6. Using what you’ve learned about sea life, write a story (on one or more of the blank lined pages from the sea life notebooking pages).
  7. Go to the local aquarium for a day and create a notebooking journal of ocean life from the field trip event.
  8. Choose one common sea animal to study, say jellyfish, and use my jellyfish notebook page multiple times to make a book of species.
  9. Write a report. Consider making a presentation board on sea life for an oral presentation.
  10. Take the sea life notebook pages into the field for writing down observations and taking notes if you live near the sea.
  11. Study a particular nation or continent which a particular species is native to. Use sea life as a geography tool.
  12. Do a fun sea unit based on a book, song, or movie. For example, do an art project with the book The Rainbow Fish.
  13. Use art to study sea life. I would really love to explore this much more! Look at the Sea Life Art Forms of Ernst Haeckel and create your own sea life artwork.
  14. Include a biography! Study the life and  accomplishment of a marine biologist.
  15. Write a poem or song using information learned in your sea life study.

You might like to use my Sea Life Nature Notebook Pages!

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