Fun and Tasty Ways to Experiment with Apples

Autumn is on the way! I love Autumn! The colors, the cooler air, Octoberfest, Applefest, apples…especially the apples. I love them straight from nature, in apple pie, in apple cobbler, in apple dumplings…you get the point. And recently I discovered how much fun it can be to experiment with apples.

Here are some fun and easy experiments to do with apples!


Apple Tasting Experiment

To perform your apple experiment, you’ll need lots of different types of apples. I literally bought every apple variety in our local store.

Some of the apple varieties we used were:

  • Red Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Gala
  • Pink Lady
  • Golden Delicious
  • Fuji
  • Honey Crisp

Each child had his or her own apple to taste, smell, feel, hear and see. Then they recorded their observations on this great printable from Little Bins For Little Hands. You may need to print out multiple copies if you have more than five varieties.

Experiment with Apples Experiment with Apples

Apple Browning Experiment

Experiment with Apples

For this apple experiment, you just need one apple, but you will need several liquids to use to test.

We used:

  • Lemon
  • Soda
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Vinegar

We sliced the apple and coated each slice with a different liquid. We set each slice on a pre-labeled plate and checked it every 30 minutes. Then we noted our observations on our Apple Experiment Worksheets. You can get free copies of these printables here.

Experiment with apples

Here’s a quick video that explains Why Apples Turn Brown. And here’s a video that explains the Apple Browning Experiment.

Apple Desserts

Apple Dumpling Apple Dumpling

Now, what to do with all those leftover apples? We used them to make apple butter and apple dumplings. There are so many amazing apple recipes. Here are just a few of them:

Apple Muffins

Grandma’s Apple Crisp

Apple Cran-Raspberry Jam

Or you can always do what my daughter did.

Experiments with Apples

Feed the apple slices to the horses. They will love you forever.

If you enjoyed this apple-related science experiment, you may enjoy this apple-related art project too! Take a look at this September Apple Tree Art Project Tutorial!


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  1. This would be perfect my kids and grandkids to do together. Thank for the wonderful ideas, we love fall apples! Shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  2. I used to work on an apple farm, and each type of apple is designed to have a different texture, harness, flavor, etc. Sometimes apples get over looked for the bigger pumpkin, and I LOVE these lesson plans! Thanks for the suggestions! Bookmarking this article!

  3. Yay! We have a heap of apples sitting in our kitchen right now.
    We did the apple tasting log last year, but the kids will enjoy the browning experiment. We’ll all love the recipes! Thank you!

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