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Preschool Math with Counting Bears {Free Printable!}

I hope you and your family can use this Counting Bears Printable in your home.  Math manipulatives are a valuable learning tool for children of preschool age on up through elementary and middle school!

Preschool Math with Counting Bears {free printable!} from Hip Homeschool Moms

Number sense is a vital skill for young children to learn.  They learn mathematics through counting, taking away, adding, and counting again.   Touching objects with their hands helps them to connect the number they are counting with the amount of objects that they feel and see. Beginning work with math manipulatives such as counters, Legos, or counting bears will help a child develop number sense.  Correlating objects with counting is a great start to math work in the home or preschool.  This shows an understanding of place value while using manipulatives before written computations are even introduced. Asking probing questions can help a child learn during play as well: “Can you show me 5 bears?” “How do you know that is 8 bears?” “Could you count it and show me?” “Tell me about what you’re building.” How else can I use counting bears?

  • Create patterns: ABAB, AABB, AABAAB, ABC.
  • Separate by colors in buckets or on paper.
  • Put them in water and have your child fish them out with a net or other tool.
  • Add them to your play dough sensory time.

What other math manipulatives are useful at home?

Children learn by doing!  Simple as that.  So I hope this Counting Bear Free Printable will be helpful to you and your family!  All you need to do is print them out — tape the 6-10 number pages together — and begin playing and learning together! Preschool Math with Counting Bears {free printable!} from Hip Homeschool Moms

You can download the Counting Bear Printables here.

Need more ideas for teaching mathematics at home? Check out Fun with Preschool Math!

What is your favorite way to teach children math?  Do you use math manipulatives at home for learning?

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    1. Hi Chrissy! We’re so glad you enjoyed the post about using counting bears for preschool math! We try to include a variety of posts on lots of different subjects, so we hope you’ll keep coming to the site to read more. We don’t usually send information out to individual moms (just because we have so many moms who read our site, and it would be almost impossible to email specific info to each one), but instead we post it on the website so that moms like you can look around, see what we have, and choose the information that’s relevant to you. 🙂

  1. Thanks for the printables for compare bears. I know the children in my preschool will enjoy using them.

  2. My 3-3/4 year old son is hovering by the printer waiting for more of these! I’m so excited that he’s looking forward to “doing school” 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Any other resources you would recommend for a toddler? My 9 year old is starting homeschooling and I’m hoping to work with my little guy to just to include him. He is eager to learn and will likely be homeschooled later as well so I might as well start. i’ve tried to join the Facebook group as well and I’m hoping to find something more specific (and affordable) to work with my boys

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