Fun Apple Tree Paper Bag Craft

It’s fall, and we are enjoying getting crafty to celebrate the season! For homeschooling families, fall also offers many opportunities to learn about some of the amazing things that nature has to teach this time of year.  Apples (and apple trees) are synonymous with the season and also offer several interesting points of study for children of all ages. In this post, I want to share with you a way to add some creativity to your study of apple trees with this fun and simple apple tree paper bag craft!

My favorite things about this apple tree paper bag craft?

  • It’s suitable for any age.
  • You don’t need many supplies.
  • The finished product makes a beautiful decoration!
  • Once you have these supplies, you can use them again to do some of our other paper bag crafts on the site!


What You’ll Need:

How to Make It:

To get started on this paper bag apple tree craft, you’re first going to take the paper bag (unopened) and cut several 3-5 inch slits at the top end of the bag, as shown.

paper bag craft

After you’ve cut the slits, open the bag make sure the bottom of it is spread out fully. Then twist the middle of the bag to create the “trunk” of your apple tree.

paper bag craft

Apply some glue to the bottom of the bag and secure it to the piece of green construction paper.

paper bag craft

Carefully pull apart the cut pieces and twist each one to form a limb. To create thicket limbs (or limbs that branch apart), twist more than one piece together and then pull apart towards the end. While you don’t have to create thicket limbs, it does give your tree a more realistic! Kids will really enjoy twisting the branches into shape, and this is the aspect that gives each person’s tree a unique “personality.”

apple tree craft

Take your small red pom poms (the apples) and apply a dab of glue to each one before pressing it into place on the tree branches.

Now, all that’s left is to cut some very small green leaves from the green construction paper…

…and attach them to your apple tree with a little bit of glue!

Did you make this apple tree craft at home? Leave us a comment! We love to know when you try out these crafts and how you use them for your homeschool studies! If you get excited about arts and crafts this time of year, we also have several other wonderful (and free) craft ideas on this site. You might enjoy the following:

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