Fall Yarn Leaf Magnets

Fall is my favorite season.  One of the things I enjoy the most about it is the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  That’s probably why I was drawn to this neat fall yarn leaf magnet craft!

finished fall yarn leaf magnets


disclaimer I saw this fall yarn leaf craft in one of my family/parenting magazines many years ago.  At that time, I felt that my kids were a little too young for this craft, so I made a mental note of it so we could try it down the road.

I felt that my older 3 kids were now big enough to handle this craft without  much assistance from me, so we decided to make these yarn leaf magnets to add some beautiful fall colors to our fridge.

In my opinion, this craft is for the older crew – for ages 7+ – because it requires advanced fine motor skills as well as patience.

leaf magnet supplies


leaf templates 
yarn in fall colors
scissors or an X-ACTO knife
foam brush
magnet sheets
toothpicks (optional)



1.  Print and cut out your leaf templates.

2.  Trace your leaf onto your piece of cardboard.

tracing leaf template

3.  Cut out your leaf from the cardboard with scissors or an X-ACTO knife. (If using the knife, I recommend the parent doing this part.)

4.  Evenly spread glue onto your cardboard leaf with the foam brush.

gluing leaf magnet

5.  Start laying your piece of yarn on the outer edge of the leaf, and work your way around the whole leaf.  Continue gluing your yarn around the whole leaf as you work toward the center.  You may find that using a toothpick to guide the yarn is helpful.  Change your yarn color as desired.

making leaf magnet

6.  Let the glue dry, and then adhere a magnet to the back.

finished leaf magnet

finished leaf magnets

We would love to hear about your results if you give this Fall Yarn Leaf Magnet craft a try! Or if you have other fall or leaf-related craft ideas, share them with us in the comments! 

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