Christmas Countdown Printable

Do you remember counting down the days until Christmas when you were a child? You probably do! And your children probably do the same thing! That’s why we created a fun and easy Christmas Countdown Printable that you can use to count down the days with your children until December 25!

snowglobe Christmas countdown



Above, you can see what this beautiful snow-globe-themed countdown printable look like.  If you want to keep things simple, you can just download, print, and use the printables exactly as they are (as in the above example on the left.) For those who want to personalize the design  (like my daughter who is artsy-crafty and loves to make things fancy), you can easily add some pretty borders or decorations to the printable (like in the above example on the right.) In both of the above examples, we glued The Christmas Countdown to a piece of red construction paper to make it sturdier (and extra festive!)

Once you’ve downloaded and printed out The Christmas Countdown pages, you can use them several different ways. Here are just a few ideas!

  • To reinforce teaching your child about the days of the month/months of the year.
  • Alongside practicing early math skills (number writing, counting down, etc.)
  • You may want to string up each daily printable to create a festive, “count down,” banner for your home.
  • You could also have your children color/decorate each daily printable to reflect that day’s festive activities!
  • If you do “Elf on the Shelf,” you could also incorporate these Christmas Countdown printable into your Christmas elf’s daily antics.

Really, there are so many ways you can get creative with this Christmas Countdown printable, but one thing is for sure: it will help you and your children get excited and ready for Christmas!

The Christmas Countdown Printable is available on our sister-site, Only Passionate Curiosity, for free for the next two weeks! If this sounds like an activity you’d like to use in your home (and/or homeschool,) just click the below link!

To learn more about our Christmas Countdown Printable and find out how to get yours, click this link to go to the article on Only Passionate Curiosity!



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