Homeschooled Students Sound Off About Why They Like Homeschooling

Homeschooled Students Sound Off About Why They Like Homeschooling

Be honest. Did you feel sorry for homeschoolers before you became part of the homeschooling life? Did you have the (mistaken!) idea that homeschooled students sit at home all day being bored and feeling sorry for themselves because they have no friends? Or that homeschoolers have no social lives?  Did you think that homeschooled students hate being homeschooled and would love nothing more than going to public school?  Were you under the impression that homeschooled students aren’t learning anything because most parents aren’t “qualified” to teach?

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If you had (or currently have) any of these opinions, this article is for you! Here we’re sharing the opinions of over 150 homeschooled students of all grade levels/ages about why they love homeschooling. (We listed similar responses only once.) We hope these quotes from homeschooling students will help you understand that the misconceptions mentioned above are just that… misconceptions.

NOTE: There is research available showing that homeschooled students actually perform better on standardized tests than students who go to public or private schools. There is also research available showing that homeschooled students grow up to become adults who are very capable, responsible, successful adults. The purpose of this article, though, is to show that the majority of homeschooled students actually enjoy being homeschooled and are learning a lot! 

I have more freedom, I can eat whenever I want, I like my teacher, I have more fun, and I can be myself! ~ Austin from Pennsylvania, age 15

I can do projects instead of workbooks all the time. ~ Jordan from Alabama, age 9

I can wear my pajamas all day if I want! ~ JT age 11

I like being done faster and being able to take breaks whenever I want to. ~  Levi from Missouri, age 10

Because it’s the best! ~ Dawson from North Carolina, age 5 

I can learn things I’m interested in. And I’m safe from all the bad things happening in schools everywhere. ~ Hayleigh from Alabama, age 10

Because I don’t have to wear uncomfortable clothes while I do school work. ~ Libby-Jane from Florida, age 5 (Libby-Jane has sensory issues and finds most clothing very uncomfortable and distracting.)

I don’t have to leave you, Momma. ~ Noah from Alabama, age 7

Because I hate to be quiet. ~ Javan from Tennessee, age 8

I like homeschooling because my friends are homeschooling too, and we can hang out and do things together. Plus my teacher is pretty nice to me. ~ 6-year-old boy

Because we get ‘family break weeks.’ I can listen to music, and I don’t need permission to go to bathroom. I can also sleep later than all my friends. ~ KD from Florida, age 15

I get to study things that other kids don’t at the zoo and museums in town. ~ Pierce from Texas, age 11

Because I can do fun things with Mommy every day! ~ Tris from California, age 5 

It’s fun. I like making new friends. We get to have homeschool parties with all the other homeschoolers! It’s just fun. The park belongs to us! ~ 8-year-old boy

Because I can be with my mommy all day, and we do science experiments that we can eat [in reference to the Amish Friendship Bread process). ~ Tink from Florida, age 5

I don’t miss out on anything. I get to see everything my family is doing–like all the funny things my little brothers do. We go on all the trips. We just get to have so much fun together all the time. I really get to do everything I want to do. I don’t want to be away. ~ 13-year-old boy

Because I get to play with the cats, play in the creek,  and look for neat rocks when I’m done with school stuff at lunch time. ~ Cora from Alabama, age 7

We don’t have to do so much boring stuff. ~ Sarah from Texas, age 12

Me jusht wike it. ~ 4-year-old boy 

We don’t have to rush through things. We can stay on a subject until we understand it. It’s more fun, and I get to spend time with you (Mom). ~ Hayleigh from Alabama, age 10

I get to stay up late and sleep late. ~ Jake from California, age 14 (See this post about homeschooling at night for those kiddos who think better in the evenings than in the mornings!) 

I love homeschool because it’s only four hours of work and we get as many breaks as we want. In regular school, you have like eight hours of work and only ONE break. Yeah…I love homeschool. ~ Kaleb from Tennessee, age 7

I’m in my comfort zone, and I get to work at my own pace.~ I.G. from California, age 9

I wuv Jesus. ~ Jagger from Indiana, age 2 (LOL!!!!) 

It is quieter, and I can get my school work done faster and do extra if I want to. ~ Jonathan from Tennessee, age 13

I can haul cattle with Dad once in a while. ~ Jacob from Montana, age 14

I can go to the restroom whenever I want/need to. ~ 7-year-old in California (who previously attended public school)

I can go to bed when I want and sleep as late as I want. ~ Jennifer from Tennessee, age 11

My teacher knows what I know and don’t know, unlike in a school. ~ Ela, age 10

I get to work at my own pace.  ~ Sunny from Ohio, age  15. 

I can change my school to accommodate my schedule, health, and mood. ~ Gage from Texas, age 14

The thing I like most about homeschool is reading. ~ 4-year-old from California 

Sleeping in, no-bullying, no gross school food. I can use the bathroom whenever necessary. The curriculum is tailored for me,  and I can learn everywhere.~ 13-year-old girl in 9th grade 

I do all of my school work during homeschool time. I don’t have to be at school all day and then do homework on my own time after school. ~ Madalyn from Ohio, age 14

Because I can go to the library anytime I want ~ Isabella, age 6

We get to take a day off when we want, and we get to have Bible study. ~ Noah from Alabama, age 7

Because we get to do fun stuff like art and math. ~Vivian from Indiana, age 5 

I get to stay in my PJs when I want to, and I get to go horseback riding! ~ Annabell from Virginia, age 9

I like learning with my family and being with them all the time. ~Lucas from Florida, age 6

Because I don’t have to get up when it’s still dark and sit in a desk all day. I get to do school in my pajamas sometimes, too. ~ Michael from Alabama, age 9

We don’t have to wake up early, so I look forward to school.~ Delaney from Indiana, age 9 

I get to go to cool places and learn cool stuff with my family ~ Tyler, age 12

I don’t have to sit in a chair all day doing nothing. I love the high level math. It is much better. It is just amazing. It is much faster than regular school. ~ Austin from Michigan, age 9

Being with you (Mom) for the whole day. We can go on vacations throughout the year. We don’t have to spend all day doing our school, so we can play more. ~ Carter from Michigan, age 6

I love that we get to do robotics. We get to play with our friends. ~ Peyton from Michigan, age 5

I love Peyton, Austin, and Carter. I love doing karate and going to Pizza Hut. ~ Tyler from Michigan, age 3

I am blessed to serve the amazing group of people who come to the church food pantry on Tuesday mornings. I am blessed with the opportunity to get to know so much about their stories and share Jesus with them while everyone else is in school. ~ Steven from Florida, age 15

I have the opportunity to put my faith into action by praying in front of the abortion clinic during the day. ~ Kaylyn from Florida, age 15

I like homeschooling because I can focus on school, and I don’t get into trouble all of the time ~ A in Virginia, age 14 (A has special needs and had trouble focusing in school. He does much better at home where he can work during the times that he’s best able to pay attention.)

I get to be with you (Mom). It’s more fun, I learn more, and I don’t have to do as many worksheets. ~ Jordan from Alabama, age 9

We get to be taught by our parents, and we get help when we need it. They don’t help you out at school as much. ~ Lily from Florida, age 7

Because you (Mom) are my teacher and Sissy (her 12-year-old sister) helps me with school, and I don’t have homework. ~ Savannah from Indiana, age 5 

I get to do volunteer work every week! I help teach an art class for younger students, and then I have some time to visit with my friends until my own art class begins. And I can do my school work whenever it fits into my schedule. Most days I do it in the mornings, but once a week (on art days), I do it later in the afternoon. ~Mary Grace, age 14

Why does your homeschooler enjoy homeschooling? Ask him/her and be sure to leave us a comment with your child’s reply! 

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