Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Activities for Kids

Do your children love scavenger hunts? Mine are nearly grown up now, but we still love them! Scavenger hunts are great for younger children and older ones too. It’s especially fun if you have various age levels (in a co-op or play group, for example) to team up younger children with older ones. This makes it so much fun for the younger ones and teaches the older ones to be patient, kind, and helpful to younger students.

In this article, you’ll find links to lots of great scavenger hunt ideas and activities for kids. And you may just be inspired to create your own too!


Free Printable Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Go on a Color Walk

Print out this free scavenger hunt for kids and head outside on a color walk! Children love trying to find things in nature to represent each color on their list, and it’s such a great way to explore the outdoors together.

Beach Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable)

Live near the beach or planning to go to the beach this summer? Here’s a free printable beach scavenger hunt for the kids! Just print it out and toss it in your beach bag for your next beach outing.

Get Outside & Connect: Nature Scavenger Hunt

There are many ways to create a nature scavenger hunt. This one uses items found at the location that you will have your hunt glued to a large sensory card. Other variations can be found below.

Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt

This Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt will add some excitement to your next family hike or camping trip.

String Cheese Road Trip Games with FREE Printables

We love going on road trips, often to go back home to visit family in other states. Of course, with children, car rides can sometimes feel like they are dragging on and on. One wonderful way to pass the time is to participate in road trip activities together.

Safari-Themed Playdate and FREE Printable

With the weather so nice in the afternoons, I want to get my kids outside more often. They wanted to see their friends, so we invited them all over for a semi-structured safari-themed party playdate/scavenger hunt.

Free Printable Bird Watch Tally Sheet

We’ve definitely been taking our fun and learning outdoors lately. Why not!? This free printable is a great way to practice math on the go. Use it to practice tallies, counting, and comparing. It also encourages kids to observe closely to spot birds in nature.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

We put together this nature scavenger hunt and set out to explore a new local trail!

Garden Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Print out this free garden scavenger hunt and take it along with you as you look for signs of spring. You’ll also practice counting, measurement, color matching and more along the way.

Simple Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids

This simple color scavenger hunt for kids is unbelievably easy to throw together last minute and the kids have fun with it every single year.

STEM Challenge – Hardware Store Scavenger Hunt

Inspire your kids to be young makers and learn the tools of the trade with a fun Hardware Store Scavenger Hunt. I’ve crafted a free printable that’s perfect for your next Saturday morning trip to the store or scout adventure.

Get Outside & Connect: Go on a Nature Hunt

Anytime is a great time to go on a nature hunt! There are so many amazing finds outside just waiting to be discovered. You may not need to go further than your own backyard, but I encourage you to get out into nature for this activity.

Geometry for Kids: Finding Shapes at the Playground

We’re continuing our math learning outdoors with some fun shape hunting at a nearby playground! (There’s also a free shape hunt printable at the end of this post!)

Outdoor Activities for Kids: Go on a Sound Walk (with free printable)

Looking for a fun outdoor activity for kids? Head outside and take a sound walk! Print out our free printable sound walk and listen for all kinds of sounds outside!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids (FREE Printable)

We absolutely love this outdoor scavenger hunt free printable! Not only does it encourage all kinds of sensory discoveries, but it also provides room for children to sketch their findings!

Take Math Outside with a Counting Walk

A counting walk is – simply put – a walk where you count stuff. You can do this anywhere, any time of year (although Winter is always more complicated) and you can do it will minimal supplies.

How to Organize a Service Scavenger Hunt

I had the best time serving with the young women from my church a few weeks ago. We were looking for a way to serve others in our neighborhood (and have a little fun at the same time), so we hosted a service scavenger hunt.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt & Wild Animal Activities

Here are a few fun ideas to encourage questions and observations on your next zoo visit.

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt – Nocturnal Adventures for Kids

Most hunts are done during the daytime but for our newest scavenger hunt, I was looking for something different. I wanted one that was more of a challenge for kids and included some science concepts.

Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt

We’re back with our nature buddies for this wee’s Outdoor STEM Activity — and since this week’s theme is taking technology outside, we thought we’d create an awesome Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Playground Scavenger Hunt

You know how kids get so excited when you visit a new playgroud? One that has ‘monkey bars that are cooler than the ones at our old playgroud’ or ‘the biggest slide in the world’, right? So why not take them on a Playground Scavenger Hunt!

Getting Outside for a Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt {Free Printable}I brainstormed a list of plants, animals, nature sounds, and other signs of life we might encounter, and I printed it off.


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