A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 4}

{Ten day series on every day life in our homeschooling family of eight. In addition to the play by play, each day has a different emphasis. Today’s emphasis is housework as we homeschool.}

8:12 Roll out of bed and get dressed and ready.

8:14 Stun the kids by coming out fully clothed and ready to start the action rolling.

8:40 Realize the kids weren’t really up for rolling. Breakfast is just now finally finished. Meal chores commence.

Meal chores: each kiddo has two (before the meal and after). Setting the table, fixing drinks, getting and putting away condiments, giving each person a cloth napkin, sweeping, doing the dishes, wiping the table, putting away dry dishes, wiping counters, and taking napkins to laundry are currently ours. I can.not.tell. you how much time this saves me and how beneficial it is to the children.

8:48 Paul Louis, the 4 yo, is already busy with pattern blocks.

9:11 Catechism and scripture memory with everyone. Paul Louis decides to dual task so he is doing his exercises. Interruptions occur as he asks me to choose the next exercise and then tells me, “You can’t pick that one. Try again.” We all thoroughly enjoy watching him do jumping jacks.

9:25 Writing with Phoebe and Esther. Thursday are lighter days in that we do not do Latin, history reading, or science.

9:35 I put the soaked black beans on to cook for dinner (adding a jar of salsa) and enjoy my cup of chai latte. It’s 28 degrees this morning. Seriously. I simply can’t get used to that kind of number.

9: 39 Continue writing. While discussing an aspect, Esther admits that she hasn’t seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Phoebe confirms the same for her. I realize my parenting is slacking.

Day in the Life #10 WEB

9:44 The beans bubble over, covering the stove and amazing Esther with the blackish gray foam. It’s the little things, folks.

9:46 Wipe a bottom and continue to ignore the kids’ bathroom that is desperately in need of cleaning.

We clean the house on Friday mornings, so during the week we pick up and clean obvious messes. I have had to learn to let some things go and choose what is most important. I have seen mothers who refuse to allow any kind of mess in their home while homeschooling, choosing cleanliness over relationships, academics, and kindness. While each woman is different in what she needs to release, I encourage all homeschooling moms to accept the fact that having kids home all day and allowing them to be kids means there will be a certain level of dirtiness. I also believe training children to keep a home means we teach them to have a home that is for everyone to enjoy.

Tomorrow, you’ll hear about cleaning day.

I switch a load of laundry and have to take a deep breath when I see someone set the dryer on a short setting, leaving damp clothes inside.

Laundry is done during the day. We fold and put away after three or more loads are ready. The kiddos do this and are allowed to watch a movie while doing so, which helps pass the time.

10:15 Announce with a firm resolve, “Everyone better be doing school! We are leaving at 12:15. You are notified, so make appropriate plans.” This is sorta like a principal’s public address system.

10:23 Remind Esther that she needs to read for at least thirty minutes from her chosen chapter book. She looks less than pleased since drawing and cutting out dragons is much more appealing at the moment. I lovingly say, “I can add some work for grumpiness if you like.” A smile suddenly appears.

10:30 Math with Esther. I make silly faces at her while she does her problems to cheer her in her work. Check Facebook and email. Listen to Paul Louis’ description of a telescope and X-ray machine he created with a Discovery Toys set.

11:10 Check the beans. And Facebook and email. Ahem.

11:20 Start lunch, a load of laundry, and chastise a teen. I’m quite the multi-tasker.

11:28 Geography. Chastise a teen again.

11:37 Announce “5 Minute Pick Up”

This is where I set a timer for five minutes and everyone picks up as much clutter in the living areas as possible. If dawdling is rampant, another five minutes is set. This helps keep clutter at bay.

Note: I do not go into the little kiddos’ rooms. I simply request that the room be manageable for walking. Every other day or so we have a “cleaning session”. Fridays are loads of fun for these family members (ages 4, 7, 9).

11:43 I go make myself presentable for public viewing.

11:50 Lunch is served. I have a cup of chai latte. Why not, right?

12:15 I announce, “The van is leaving! If you are joining us in the fun, load up!” Hobbit attire was requested and we are happy to accommodate.

12:25 Quick stop at Walmart for cutie oranges to offer as snack at our friends’ house and stamps so I can finally mail Christmas thank you notes. I’ve mentioned I’m a multi-tasker, yes? Be amazed.

1:01 I annoy the children by driving past our friends’ house to see if any homes are for sale on the street. The blessings are more than eager to start the fun, so the delay is making them a bit crazy and making me giggle. It’s the little things, friend. 😉

1:06 Hit the ground running at our new friends’ house. Upon walking in the door, we suddenly realize that we are being treated to a delightful experience!

We had luncheon and afternoon tea, Hobbit style! Two of the youth hosts (12 yo twins, a boy and a girl) made chocolate cake and tea cookies. The table setting was perfect. The eleven kids around the table, decked in their costumes, enjoyed every moment. My time with my friend Amy was just as delightful. Our afternoon was so spectacular that it’s getting it’s on post, so come visit me to hear about Hobbit afternoon.

Day in the Life #9 WEB

4:00 I take HB to choir rehearsal and I exchange curric and convo with a friend.

5:00 Gather the blessings and gush our thanks to our fabulous hosts.

5:30 Pick up HB. Greet Daddy whose bus just dropped him off right in front of us! (He takes the bus to the big city for work.)

5:50 Quickly whip up cornbread batter and start this post.

6:45 Lovely dinner conversation. Daddy is sufficiently impressed with our day, which always make this homeschooling mama happy.

7:26 Meal chores and conversation about completing work that was left undone at noon.

7:29 A couple of children are less than enthusiastic about doing school work at this time of night, but fully believe the trade off was worth it. Seriously.

8:00 Two chapters of Cheaper by the Dozen together by the wood stove as a family.

8:30 Younger kiddos to bed with reminders that the crazy mess in their room will be dealt with tomorrow. I’m especially grateful tomorrow is Friday. Them? Not so much.

9:00 War Horse with the older kiddos. Historical movies so very much rock for school!

11:o0 I count my blessings for this spectacular freedom to homeschool with a family I cherish. I should head to sleep, but I won’t. Night owl that I am, I’ll be up til midnight surfing and such.

cheaper by the dozen WEB

So ends another day homeschooling. Tomorrow’s emphasis is home skills for the family and hospitality!

How was your homeschooling day and does mine sound familiar?



Mindy has been homeschooling for over thirteen years and currently has five students in her family’s homeschool, ranging from a junior to a second grader, with a delightful four year old distraction. She loves chocolate covered almonds, her amazing husband, sharing her faith, challenging others to walk in grace, and blogging, though not necessarily in that order. You can find her at Grateful for Grace.

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  1. I love to read about how other people do it. I also really appreciate your honesty – the bathroom. We all have one.

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