Mama Has a Contagious Laugh!!

You know the whole point of the Teachers’ Lounge is to provide you a quick distraction. Preferably one that gives you an attitude adjustment in a matter of moments. THIS video absolutely does that. But it is not the subject of the video (although it is pretty funny) It is because her mama has a contagious laugh! Seriously, watch this video and try to not laugh!

I have a really bad habit of laughing when something happens to my hubby. I keep telling him it is nerves, but he doesn’t believe me. And in my defense, the first time I laughed at something he thought was not funny was way before we got married… so he can’t fuss now! But back to the video, listen to the mama in the background and remember that is her daughter out there (along with her hubby). I think we might just be related!!

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