Make Your Own Oversized Knit Blanket

Oh my gosh y’all… I just love these oversized knit blankets! They are absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure, as warm as they can possibly be!

They are all over Instagram now. Here is one that I am currently swooning over! My bedroom paint is Shark Skin Gray by Porter Paint. This would be beautiful with my colors.

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And this deep rich gray one is just divine! And it is almost dark enough to call it purple.

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My favorite color these days is purple… but it is really hard to find a deep eggplant purple chunky knit blanket. This is the only one I could find. But it is gorgeous!

I’be been watching the prices and they are still completely outrageous!!

I hunted all over Etsy and found some absolutely stunning blankets, but none that I can afford! (click the word “Etsy” to see just how beautiful they are!)

And I hunted on Amazon and found some decent prices, but the blankets didn’t look nearly as beautiful as the ones on Etsy. (click the word “Amazon” to see the prices and the not so stunning blankets.)

As I continued my search, I stumbled across this video…

Laura Birek from Nocturnal Knits, teaches us how to use PVC pipes as supersize knitting needles to create a 50-inch by 84-inch blanket. This enormous blanket is knit on 1 1/2” PVC pipes.

She has also created a pattern that we can purchase!! This pattern is more of a tutorial, as the pattern is pretty straightforward and simple.

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Now if I could just remember how to knit, I would be as happy as this kitty with my new blanket!

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Unfortunately, me finding the time (and remembering how) is not likely to happen anytime soon with our travel schedule… so I need a plan b! So… who is going to make me a deep eggplant queen sized blanket? 

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  1. I want one of these so bad! I have tried to knit one but I failed. Are they super warm? I love those!! I will try the pattern you listed!

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