This Pregnant Mom Can Dance!

Y’all!! I absolutely love this mama! This pregnant mom can dance! Seriously, she can get down, literally (and you will see what I mean in a minute).  I’m pretty sure she is way more agile than I am and I’m not nine months pregnant! My  youngest son is 14 years old. Back then we were not videoing our every move and even if we did, we were not sharing it on social media! But I honestly love some things I see on social media and this is one of them.

This mama makes labor and delivery look pretty darn easy! No moaning and groaning for her (yet 🙂 ) Meet dancing mama, Alicia Kaitlan. She had just started labor and was walking to help encourage labor to move along. You know how it is … right there at the end we are sooo ready to NOT BE PREGNANT and to meet our precious blessing, right?!! Well I’m sure Alicia was feeling the same way. But she must be in great shape to do some of the dance moves she pulls off!

Alicia is looking pretty comfortable with that sweet smile and fun laughter! Enter Dad. Miller Exantus. He has some serious dance moves of his own!!

I’ve never heard the song that they are dancing to… so of course I had to go hunt this one down too. Yes, I got one of the videos with lyrics. If you saw what I saw when searching for this video you would seriously be thanking me.

You’re welcome!


But being a pregnant mama and feeling every bit of the weight and girth, you couldn’t pay me enough to dance this. Props to Alicia for being that kind of woman that just steps up and just does it. She is at Manatee Memorial Hospital. And not only does mom and dad get in the act, so do all the labor and delivery nurses! LOL… what a fun delivery wing they must have! Well, without further delay, here is your fun dancing mama:


Aren’t they fun?

Their precious little blessing, Tatum, came into the world 30 hours later! I bet she will be a dancer, what do you think?

There are all kinds of wives tales about how to get the baby moving along. I walked a lot during those final hours. What worked for you?

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