Like My New Water Bottle? #huntinghumor

If you watched my Facebook Live this past weekend, you saw me keeping it real, talking about what are realistic goals for homeschooling mamas and admitting waxing my mustache monthly is one of them!! Also on that list is to be more vigilant than just being on the lookout for humor, I’m actually #huntinghumor. I asked the question in the Hip Homeschool Moms group on Facebook and, as usual, they never fail to deliver!! Here is my favorite response as of 1:45 am… Like my new water bottle? Be sure to read the very bottom of this article to explain why chocolate spoke to me tonight!!


PS… this is not really me. And this is not my picture. I don’t know who to give credit to on this one. If you know this funny lady, let me know…

Isn’t that hilarious?!!!

A Hershey’s Syrup water bottle… This was shared by my friend Michelle Bowen!! Thanks Michelle, I seriously needed this one!

But I have to confess…

What is even more ridiculous is that yesterday when I saw this meme, at that point I had it up to HERE with my day. It was one that ended with a knock-down-drag-out with my hubby and I was just just thisclose to diving into the chocolate stash already. #emotionaleater

And then I saw this post.

At the very minute I was contemplating my next step.


Stick to one of my other resolutions of eating more healthy?

And then this meme….

To show you where my mind was, I totally thought:

#iconfess - A shot of chocolate might be exactly what this #homeschool mom needs after my day!


So seriously, this mama in the picture gets no judgement from me for swigging from a Hershey’s Syrup bottle. I’m seriously thinking she has started a new trend!

That got me thinking about other Hershey gag gifts that might be out there. And y’all know me and my Amazon addiction, so you know right where I headed!!

Here are my favorites…. (because if this week doesn’t get better, I’m sure I’ll be needing a chocolate fix!!)

Which one is your favorite?

So here is the end of the chocolate story. I didn’t eat chocolate. I ate a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart. #seriously

And cried a little.

And at this very moment, hubby and I are in two separate rooms.

Since it is 2:30 am here now, I’m sure he is asleep on the couch. #probablyagoodthing

Here’s to a better day for us all tomorrow (and pray for me to have a better attitude and more patience.) #notmystrength



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  1. That is hilarious! I am so thankful for our community, and for your hard work holding it together. Praying today is better for you and your husband!

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