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Homeschool Support Group #huntinghumor

Today was a much better day… I’m pretty sure it was caffeine that got me through it because I only got a few hours of sleep last night. Today I was #huntinghumor and actually ended up with one of our posts from May of 2017. If you don’t know Todd Wilson from The Familyman Show, check him out. He has an entire series on homeschool cartoons and funny books. Today’s humor, Homeschool Support Group, is courtesy of Todd!!

On that post, I asked what needed to be added to the list. As always, our community always delivers. Here are some more fun ones to add:


Today’s school included 3 episodes of Magic School Bus, grammar, reading, and then we watched a few episodes of This Old House.


 We call it, “Mom’s Park Day.” Seriously. We meet up at the park, (a group of us) and we sit in camp chairs and our children socialize (ha ha!) and we tell them to run away from the mom bubble (which is an imaginary boundary around us) and then we gab, vent, whine, complain, advise, or ask questions about life, school, children, husbands, whatever! We meet as soon as it’s warm enough and have frequently taken it to one of our houses in the winter when it’s too cold for the park! Our Park Day group is our lifeline!


It’s 12:37 pm here and I’m still not wearing a bra, in my pjs but have taught spelling, science, us history and math. Soon, the bra and clothes will be on and I’ll be prepping my twin girls for their dress rehearsals for dance. Flexibility was tough for me in the beginning but now I embrace it!


I’m totally counting the last 3 Wednesday’s at the Ortho for x-Rays, cast on, cast off as School Field Trips! We’re learning about bones and how to heal them, right?!?!?


What #homeschooling moms might say to their support group... what would you add? #huntinghumor

What would you add to this list?

Here are Todd Wilson’s Books:

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  • Loved this! My 5 year old noticed I had jeans on this morning and ask about a dozen times if we were going somewhere because he wasn’t planning on wearing pants today!