Chickens are a Gateway Livestock

We had a discussion in the group tonight about how if you homeschool you end up raising chickens. It was all in fun and games… but that thread in our community had over 300 comments last time I checked!! So, apparently she touched a nerve! That discussion reminded me of one of the most fun chicken videos I’ve seen and I really wanted to share it with you. Onegirlsrants over on Youtube is hilarious. Her video just hits the nail on the head.


I literally laugh out loud every single time I watch this video (including this time to write this article). Scroll down to see why I laugh…


There are inherent dangers in raising backyard chickens that not enough people are aware of. Yep. Like chasing bulls around your backyard after the gateway drug has fully taken effect. Notice all the dairy cows and calves inside the fence. <Oh and the grapevines… because fresh grapes go great with your farm fresh eggs, feta and fresh milk.> Yes, I wholeheartedly agree… chickens are a gateway livestock!


And little Matzah when she was born here on the farm. We have since sold all of our dairy cows and gave away all of our chickens. But I am longing for more. Maybe this spring we will get a couple of chickens.

… and the cycle begins again.

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  1. As word was getting around that were starting homeschooling one of the early questions was how many chickens we had… now that makes so much sense. 🙂
    We are working on getting a coop so we can get chickens. So many things the chickens can teach us.

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