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Let’s face it, storage for all the stuff that comes with a home school is a problem for so many of us! Finding a sturdy, long-lasting, affordable solution is key. Today I’d like to share with you this Ikea Hack for Homeschool Bookshelves!

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What is an Ikea Hack anyway?

Ikea Hacks were born from an appreciation for the clean lines and innovative designs a certain Swedish furniture giant has brought into popularity. A love for the look & functionality, but not for the high price tag or materials used in constructing the store’s offerings. Ikea Hackers take inspiration from the retail pieces, reverse engineer the subject, create simple & easy-to-follow building instructions, and {usually} provide free plans for anyone with a DIY spirit and a few basic tools to recreate for themselves.

Upon moving cross-country and into our new home this summer, we desperately needed new bookshelves for the school room. Our family’s funds are limited, but it didn’t make any sense to us to save a bit of money on the front end of a furniture purchase and have to sacrifice quality and longevity of use. That said, there’s no way we could afford real wood pieces sold at higher end furniture shops!

A quick search around my favorite home-built furniture site, Ana-White.com, yielded our perfect solution… this {FREE PLAN} inspired by the wildly popular (but no longer available) Ikea Lack Bookcase.


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Each set of shelves is 6 feet tall, 39 inches wide & 11.5 inches deep. The finished product will have 4 shelves with 36 inches of space between each shelf. Of course, you can easily customize the height and number of shelves to fit your needs. Each unit will cost from $30-$50 in materials (depending on what you might have on hand and regional lumber costs) which is significantly less than its retail counterpart. Sturdy, long-lasting, and inexpensive, these shelves were exactly what we needed!


Look at how much you can store on each of them!!

I decided to be real with ya’ll and show you exactly how they look in my real life and resist the urge to go buy bins and boxes and things to make this look more magazine-esque. I also had every intention of getting these painted one day but I’m much more of a function over form kind of girl and the idea of pulling everything off of here to make them a little prettier makes me twitch. 😉

If you’ve never built anything before, let me encourage you…..this is one of the easiest beginning woodworking projects available, and I’m completely confident you can build these! So click on the plan above and give this Ikea Hack for Homeschool Bookshelves a go!

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What do you think? Are you going to give this or something like it a try to help solve your homeschool storage needs? Have you ever built anything before? Share with us in the comments!!

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