Basic Crockpot Chicken | Foundational Recipe

Today I am sharing a recipe with you that is what I call a “foundational” recipe. It is a starting point for many other dishes and meals. Basic Crockpot Chicken is a good sized quantity of cooked, pulled chicken that you can use tonight, as well as freeze portions for fast meals (suppers or lunches) later on.

To begin, place 4-5 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken in your crockpot. Quick note – I prefer to use thighs for this for a couple reasons. First, thighs are very juicy and have lots of natural flavor. Second, if you have family members that prefer white meat, (like I do) they won’t even know that this isn’t white meat when you are done. And third, boneless, skinless thighs are usually half the price of breasts. You’ll get lots more for your money if you use thighs.

Basic Crockpot Chicken | Foundational Recipe


Add in a teaspoon each of thyme and black pepper, a tablespoon of parsley, quarter teaspoon of sage, 2 bay leaves, and 2 cloves of minced garlic. I don’t add salt here, because the salt is added when you make your dishes with this chicken.



Pour in 1 quart of chicken broth. Stir it all together and cook on low for 8 hours.



After the chicken has cooked, ladle the broth through a sieve. You may have used a quart of chicken broth to cook this chicken, but you’ll have more than that as a result. Don’t remove all of the liquid; you’ll want to leave some in the chicken.



Pour the broth into containers to freeze for future meals.



With two forks, simply shred the cooked chicken. This is your foundational chicken. Let this cool, and then freeze it in 1 cup portions for future meals. To give you an idea for one meal to make with this, I’ll share one right now!

Basic Crockpot Chicken | Foundational Recipe


In a skillet, heat up 2 cups of the cooked chicken. Add about 1/2 cup of chicken broth or water.



Sprinkle in some taco seasoning. (I have a homemade version.) Stir it in and let it cook for just a minute to heat the chicken through and let the flavor get happy.



Serve with cheese, guacamole and other toppings for a taco. Enjoy!

Basic Crockpot Chicken | Foundational Recipe



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