Whimsical Autumn Tree Paper Bag Craft

Fall is the perfect time to get inspired by nature and do some crafting with your kids! Personally, I love a craft that I can do without having to go buy a bunch of supplies.  I think most homeschool moms can also appreciate crafts that they can do easily with several kids or with a wide variety of ages. If that sounds like you, then you will love this easy whimsical autumn tree paper bag craft!

Actually, you only need 5 things to make this fun fall craft, and children of most ages can participate.  When your paper bag autumn trees are finished, they will also make wonderful decorations for the season!

What You’ll Need:

How to Make It:

You may have all of the things you need for this craft already at home! Paper bags are an especially useful everyday item that are awesome for crafting, too.  (And I’ve never known a child who didn’t enjoy making puppets out of paper bags.)

To get started on this whimsical autumn tree craft, you’re first going to take the (unopened) paper bag and cut several 3-5 inch slits at the top end of the bag, as shown.

Next, open up the bag and expand the base/bottom of it (so the bag can stand upright).  Then grab the middle of the bag and give it a twist. This will create the effect of a tree trunk.

Apply a bit of glue to the bottom of the paper bag and secure it to the green piece of construction paper.

Carefully pull apart the strips you cut at the top and and twist each one to form a limb.  This is a great motor-skill-building activity for younger children. Older kids (and adults) can enjoy being creative with the thickness and directions of the limbs.

You can easily create some variety in the limbs by twisting more than one piece together, or by pulling them apart again towards the ends. 

You should now have a whimsical tree with lots of twisted branches! All that’s left is to add the pom poms (but those pom poms are what really bring the party!)  To apply them, all you have to do  is use a small amount of glue and hold each one against one of the limbs for a few moments.

As you can see, festive orange, red and yellow pom poms really give these trees some autumn magic! Just be sure to allow the glue to dry completely before displaying (or playing) with them. It’s fun to see how everyone’s trees turn out differently!

Did you make this autumn fall craft at home? We love to know when you try out these crafts, so be sure to drop us a comment! If you get excited about arts and crafts this time of year, we also have several other wonderful (and free) craft ideas on this site.

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