Your Value Does NOT Ebb and Flow


I know tensions are pretty high right now, but something just happened to a friend of ours and it made me instinctively want to check in on you pretties because I fancy myself the resident HHM grandma.

#unofficialtitle 👵💃

This friend of ours has a significantly, physically handicapped daughter. They casually mention on FB some things they’ve been up to, safely, with the intention to not let her depression set in.
Especially since she hasn’t left the house in months.

People, -not even strangers-, lit them up one side & down the other for just trying to do right by their girl. Going as far as to say she, & her needs, doesn’t matter.

Now, I need y’all to hear me. I’m not sure how intricate your support systems are, or maybe you’re “the strong friend” who isn’t lent strength or peace often because it’s assumed you get it straight from the tap, but:


Anyone who’d speak to you this way does not deserve a seat at your table.

Ya dig?

You are not required to virtue signal any dang thing.

You do not have to give away pieces of your inner self so that people can decide how to feel about you.

You are doing your best. And the right people know that.

The sum of your value is not found in the discarded scraps of someone’s bad day.

You wake up every morning, hit the day head-on, regardless of how you feel. Or what new set of shadoobie 2020 has on deck.

Warrior 🔥
And don’t you forget it.

You may not have people banging down your door with reminders, but maybe I can throw one your way?

You are a fierce, powerful person whose value does not ebb & flow with the Judgey von Walnuts who haven’t walked a step in your shoes. It is inherent. And you are unstoppable.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Now, I gotta skedaddle. Gotta do a thing for the husband… 👇

Love y’all,

Let the story of who you were send shivers down the spines of our granddaughters. Let them hear about you as the woman was herself who did her own thing and helped others along the way.
~Tanya Markul

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  1. I’m a 72 year old mother/grandmother and cannot believe how cruel people can be to others they do not know personally nor the circumstances of their life. This is right on, Samantha! Thank you for standing up!

  2. Thank you for the reminder. Instead of criticizing, they should have been offering respite care. Having a several handicapped child is a 24/7 job. Everything else becomes secondary. Please let her know that this mom thinks she’s wonderful!

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