The Homeschooling Life

This morning I wanted to put on a tennis outfit, get in my BMW, drop the kids at private school, and head to the gym. Problem is, I don’t play tennis, own a BMW, or have anyone enrolled anywhere. For the gym membership? I quit this past year on New Years Day ( a story for another time).

The real cause of this morning’s whiny fit was due to the fact that I am on the tail end of a move. It really seemed so simple to move a family of 6. Fun and exciting, right? Here I am about 10 weeks later absolutely exhausted and struggling to regain a schedule to complete our last quarter of the school year. Happy as can be, but exhausted.


Truth is, I would rather decorate my new house then review math facts. You know what else? I would rather sit for hours on end and look at all the shiny new options for next year’s curriculum! I am suffering from spring allergies, recovering from a long and annoying cold, and my head is not in the game. My head is in the “let’s find some old beat up furniture and refinish it for the new school room” game, and that is one game that I just don’t have time to play right now.

In our new home, we have chosen to convert the oversized garage to a school room, art room, music room, and general bonus room. It is doable, but realistically is not going to be all settled in until probably the end of summer. A tight budget is requiring stalking Craig’s list for multiple area rugs, more bookshelves, and some fabulous vintage theatre seating I just acquired tonight for next to nothing. Basically anything to deter the garage feel of a garage.


SO, why am I telling you all of this?

When I first started homeschooling, I had the notion that I was going to keep home and school separate. We would have start and stop times and that was just going to be that. I find this to be a dreamy and yet somewhat unrealistic possibility. Why? Because there are little things like dentist appointments, doctor appointments, previous landlords trying to steal your security deposit, sickness, toddlers, moves, pregnancies, husbands who need their wallets brought to the office, and days you run out of toilet paper because you thought there was just one more pack somewhere in a moving box.

I have learned a lot in our four years of homeschooling.


Perhaps the most important, is that this fabulous gift we have chosen in home education is different than education in the classroom. It is woven into the existence of the beautiful and the sometimes very full life that we already lead. Our job as homeschool moms is to orchestrate our days in one of the most difficult and complex balancing acts that I have ever known. I can’t stop the kid’s  learning because the school table needs refinishing anymore than I can ignore a move to learn about the civil war. Somehow we have to do both. Sick, post move, or otherwise.


I am reminded of this again as I put my big girl panties on and through sheer discipline restart our 4th and final quarter of the school year.

Life happens. Learning happens. They really can’t be independent of each other.

They are woven together through God’s strength and creativity. They mesh best some days with a fresh perspective. We need to remember why we are putting in this time to this call and how Jesus equips those He calls. He created 24 hours in a day and that is enough. We can do it all. Maybe not all we want to, but rather what we need to.


It is hard, doable, exhausting, and beautiful.

Summer is almost here. Let’s finish well, my friends.

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  1. Our house is up for sale and I can empathize with your stress, excitement and exhaustion! We didn’t do school last week because of all the house showings, viewing of other houses, dealing with real estate stuff, etc. It’s fun, but it does put a damper on…book learning. 😉 We finally had a productive morning of school today. Prayed for you Darcy! Summer is almost here!

  2. Enjoyed your article! AND I totally agree! Learning happens even amidst all of life’s MANY interuptions! God’s blessings on a fun sounding summer decorating your garage/multi purpose cool room!

  3. I totally feel you on this and, perhaps a little selfishly, it’s just nice to know I’m not alone. We are also in the process of a move and today was our first “sort of” day back to school where I finally made a concerted effort to focus on finishing up our school year in lieu of running to the new house to paint. We didn’t get as much done as I had hoped but I’m realizing I’ve got to be flexible.

    1. Yes flexibility is something I struggle with. I am taking the starting back in slow track 🙂 Best wishes to you as you get settled in your new home!

  4. I am getting ready to move for the second time this school year! I have only had about two months when books were unpacked enough to do something. Not to mention all the kids were depressed because we had to move 2+ hours away from their best friends. So we have done field trips, lots of building campfires at our ‘temporary house’, and some math and reading. I figure summer is coming up and we can do some intensive learning then. If not we will catch up next year. I admire you for being able to do both at the same time. I just couldn’t get it done since I basically had to pack the whole house myself since my husband had already moved ahead of us for his new job. My kids have learned a bit about the real estate business, though!!! Gotta love homeschool!

    1. Hahaha. Real Estate is a great elective! Awesome. Best wishes to you and your family. Moving is just so disruptive! Great ideas with all the field trips and such. Sounds like just what you guys need! I hope you have a great time in your new home!

  5. I have been struggling for the last couple of weeks. I am tired and ready for summer break. We have just 4 weeks of school left here and I feel myself crawling toward that finish line. I have been trying to make things easier by getting outdoors more for lessons and incorporating more physical activity and ‘recess’ into our school day. It is so weird to me how every year we start with a bang- full schedule, tons of book work and projects and by the end of the year we are lucky to have finished our text books.

    1. I am the same way April! Planning energizes me! One thing I normally do is try to plan for the next year in April-June, at least start. It sometimes does the trick for me. It reenergizes me! Best wishes to you! You are almost there!!!

  6. Good luck!! I am pregnant with number nine and I am constantly wanting to go through baby clothes, paint the littles room, reorganize my bedroom, etc… I have been the worst example to my children expecting them to keep up momentum when I have been out in left field. But hey, it happens. Like you said – life happens. The school work will get done – the children will learn and all will be well. Thanks for the gentle reminders and enjoy your new home.

  7. Research confirmations that the two most important factors in reading and overall educational success are positive home influence and parental engrossment; homeschooling provides both equally. It’s nice to know that you have learned a lot in your four years of homeschooling.

    Thanks Darcy for your nice sharing!

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