Where the Rubber Meets the Road

At the start of the year, you had the perfect plan, right? But somehow life has come in and altered it. About this time of year (and maybe sooner) you might find yourself falling behind, like me. But don’t sweat it. You don’t have to have everything in line with the planner. I know you picked it because you thought the material was worthy, and it surely is, but now is the time to trust your abilities and remember -you’re the teacher, not the planner. It’s there to aid you and that’s all.

Homeschool Mom...you're the teacher, not the planner.

What teacher have you ever had who finished a text from cover to cover? I can’t even think of one. So why as homeschoolers do we get so caught up in completing everything? Oh I know, it’s because we care so much about giving our children the best possible education that most of us go way above and beyond. Often times we have something to prove to those who are not supportive. But when it comes down to it, quality not quantity and time well spent is where the rubber meets the road of homeschooling. It’s in the doing of the every day moments that really count.

It's in the doing of the every day moments that really count. I want to encourage you as you embark on that place where the rubber meets the road. You may be falling a little behind, perhaps some children are sick or you need to take time off to manage other household matters. Nothing is perfect. There is no magic formula that will make it easy or with out strife. There are many reasons for this, one of which is that we can’t remove ourselves from the home environment. Life happens around us as we homeschool.

Therefore, it’s OK if you don’t get to everything. It’s OK to adjust, omit, and skip some of what you or someone else put in that planner. If your new to homeschooling, realize that just about any homeschool program that is purchased was designed with an ideal situation in mind. The prepackaged curriculum is also often packed full of things to do, making sure to challenge even the most advanced students. Others aren’t so intense, but just keep in mind what your tackling. You are most likely accomplishing more than you may realize.

Homemakers have a full time job, and most of us are probably expected to fill that role as well. And homeschooling is a full time job. Therefore you work two full time jobs, unless you are blessed with having a maid come in a few times a week.

And it’s holiday time too. For most mothers that means planning, preparing, hosting, and cleaning up after all the festive celebrations…it’s impossible to do it all. So don’t stress yourself out this holiday season. Enjoy that place where the rubber meets the road. Work diligently but joyful this month doing what you can. Some moms even take December off, or if you think that would be too hard to get back to work after, just do the three R’s daily or a holiday unit study that is light that you can work into your holiday preparations and celebrations. Enjoy this time that you have with your children. They are always learning. Just don’t forget that you are their teacher, not the curriculum. Have a blessed and season and take your time!

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  1. Thank you for this article. It showed up just when I needed to be reassured that we are doing great even if I am behind way behind on where our curriculum says we should be. That is because of many difference reasons but mostly because we are supplementing the kids interests on subjects. One week out to explore the election process, another week to learn about ants, expanding the human body study to include some dissection and we are a month behind….it really helps to read comments and articles from other homeschooling parents. Thank you, Kristin

  2. This is my first year homeschooling a 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th grader with a 3 year old to entertain! It has been difficult! I’m a former school teacher & principal and thought it would be easy. It’s hard to unschool my children and just as hard for me. This article gave me the peace of mind I needed today! I’ll have to come back tomorrow to read it again until I can be okay with not covering every subject and objective I planned for.
    Blessings to you for blessing me with your words.

    1. So very glad I can help and encourage, that means so very much to me. You have a full house so it’s important not to be too hard on yourself! Focus on the real learning times and not quantity and give yourself the credit you deserve for all you are accomplishing daily in your home. Many Blessings!

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