Free Printables for Bible, Character, and Random Acts of Kindness

This week we are sharing freebies related to Bible, character, and random acts of kindness for our new Freebie Friday series!

HHM Freebie Friday Character Building February 2016

Each week we will focus on a new theme. Watch for articles, both from our team and guest writers, as well as some of our social media posts to focus on this new weekly theme. We will share several freebies each week related to the topic, but there will always be several that are just of interest to homeschoolers and don’t necessarily relate to that week’s topic. So even if the theme is not of interest, be sure to come looking for the Freebie Friday post to get the other freebies as well.

NOTE: The freebies may only be free for the week after publication, so be sure to grab them while you can. And please help us get the word out about this new series by sharing with your homeschool friends as well!

cover-Building-character-in-your-children Free ebook: Building Character In Your Children
This ebook looks at the importance of setting an example of Godly character for our children, giving them Godly role models, and training them in the area of character. Included is a 10 step plan for teaching our kids character, with many fun practical ideas of how to encourage them in the area of character.
Retail value: $4.99
ifs If’s – A Game of Character and Choice
“Ifs”, a game we often played to help children learn to make wise decisions before they are even placed in a position of temptation. Our grown kids have testified this helped them many times to choose the right thing from having played a game which prepared them for choosing to do right based on insights gained from God`s Word. You can use these If’s for family devotions or even for discussion around the dinner table. Consider placing them in a jar and having your child choose one each night. Your course of action may be different than what ours was for our kids, but the idea is figuring out a plan together so when the child is placed in a situation, they are prepared to choose wisely.
Retail value: $4
Little girl dusting her room - cleaning day in the kids room Chore Charts for Multiple Children {Free Printable Charts & Cards}
Having chore charts not only encourages character development, discipline and a routine in good hygiene habits, but it also helps contribute to the home and fosters a sense of ownership. Come get your free printable chore charts for younger (non-readers) and older (readers) children and matching cards.
TPT-FV-COVER FRIENDSHIP & VIRTUES How To Be A Good Friend Using Biblical Virtues
To gain an understanding of the Biblical definition of a good friend
To learn how to utilize a variety of virtues in our friendshipsVIRTUES:
Humility Patience Gentleness Compassion KindnessINCLUDES:
Lesson plans, activity suggestions, printables, posters and more!ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS
LESSON ONE: What makes a good friend? What virtues are found in a good friend?
LESSON TWO: What is humility? How does humility affect our friendships?
LESSON THREE: What is patience? Why do we need to be patient with our friends?
LESSON FOUR: What is gentleness? How can we be gentle with our friends?
LESSON FIVE: What is compassion? What does it mean to show compassion to our friends?
LESSON SIX: What is kindness? How can we be kind to our friends?
Retail value: $2.00
free-bible-printables Free Interactive Bible Story Printables
Character traits can be learned through Bible stories with these fun, FREE interactive printables. Teach kids that the details in ancient scripture stories may be different, but the challenges and feelings are the same today.
Slide1 Kindness Cards
Learning about kindness and friendship through complimenting each other
After a class discussion about positive personality traits and expanded sentences, students write compliments about each other on kindness cards.
This activity helps students see the good in each other. It also serves as a reminder forevermore as to their own good traits. I know I did this in high school and I STILL have my card!
Kindness-Cards Free Kindness Cards
Free kindness cards that can be used in a number of ways to encourage kindness with your students, in your classroom, or at home.
Cover-PBJ-Project PB&J Project: Cooking & Community Service
The PB and J Project is a hands-on cooking and service activity designed to help students understand the concept of hunger in their community and empower them to do something about it. Students will work collaboratively to prepare sandwiches, which will then be delivered to the less fortunate in their own communities.
kindness-challenge Free Printable Hot Chocolate Kindness Note
Pair a gift card or packet of hot chocolate with this free printable note and leave it with a book for someone to find.
Bible-Tale-Flyer Free Bible Tale
A Bible Lesson covering John 2: 1-12, a Craft and a Follow-up with Coloring Sheet.
Character-Pop-01 Character Pop!
Character Pop! is a character and virtue study for homeschool families. It is intended to be a fun and simple way to facilitate important discussions between parents and their children regarding good virtues and outstanding character.
postcards-for-seniors Kindness Postcards for Kids
Free printable post cards for kids to decorate and send to senior citizens as part of a kindness service project.
PrincessCountingCardsPuzzles Free Princess Counting Cards and Puzzles
These Free Princess Counting Cards and Puzzles from Living Life and Learning are a fun resource for your little princesses!
PrincessLacingCards Free Princess Lacing Cards
Your little princesses will have fun working on their fine motor skills with these Free Princess Lacing Cards from Living Life and Learning!
Sweet-Skunks-MemoryGame-LittleLearningLovies-MTM-2016-lt-01 Free Sweet Skunks Memory Game
The Multi Taskin Mom has a Free Sweet Skunks Memory Game that your kids will have fun playing!
Teddy-Bear-Lacing-Cards Free Teddy Bear Lacing Cards
Learning 2 Walk has a set of Free Teddy Bear Lacing Cards that your kids will have fun using while working on their fine motor skills!
Teddy-Bear-Mats Free Teddy Bear Beginning Sounds Sorting Mats
These Free Teddy Bear Beginning Sounds Sorting Mats from Learning 2 Walk are a great resource for your preschoolers!
Colors-Snap-Cube-Pattern-Matching-pin Free Snap Cube Pattern Matching Worksheets
Your kids will have fun making patterns with these Free Snap Cube Pattern Matching Worksheets from Learning 2 Walk!
HHM Freebie Friday Character Building Pinnable Image February 2016

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  1. What an amazing list of freebies for instilling values in your littles! I hope this makes acts of kindness less random and more practiced on a daily basis. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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