Does a Self-Teaching Math Curriculum Exist?

Are you looking for a self-teaching math curriculum that works well for your child? It’s true that all children are different, and sometimes we have to be willing to try a different curriculum or make a change in order to find what works best for a particular child. If you’re looking for just the right curriculum and haven’t tried out Math Mammoth, keep reading to find out more! And be sure to enter for your chance to win a free Light Blue Series too!

First, does a self-teaching math curriculum even exist? Possibly not! But Math Mammoth does come close. Take a look at these testimonials:

“My children can do the work on their own, which helps them gain independence. The kids love not having to wait for me to get their math done and are doing very well. My daughter, who is doing remediation work, has been excited to learn new ways of doing things that have made things easier for her. We plan on using all of the books through 7th grade.”

“My son has finally stopped complaining about doing math when we switched to Math Mammoth. He really prefers workbooks, and I love that instruction is included right there with the exercises so he can work through it by himself. If he needs my help, I don’t have to dig through a teacher’s manual. It’s open-and-go, and that is a great relief to me.”

“I love the self-teaching nature of the curriculum as I find it very important for my children to be able to dig out information for themselves. I also love the focus on word problems right from the beginning. They haven’t learned that word problems are “hard” from peers or that they are anything other than fun puzzles to solve.”

Besides noting that the children can often learn on their own, what else do people say?

“We have used a variety of math programs, and Maria Miller’s Math Mammoth has exceeded our expectations. The concepts are presented in a variety of ways, leading to accessibility for all types of learners. The colorful presentation of each work text promotes engagement with appealing puzzles. Concepts are broken down into manageable chunks and presented with many opportunities for practice. With the inclusion of website links for additional practice and fun games for extended application of skills, math has become a favored activity instead of a chore.”

“I like that the teaching is built into the pages so we learn as we go and I don’t have to get out separate material to explain each new thing. The kids enjoy the variety of problems and seem to be grasping some concepts I thought they’d not fully understood with other curriculum.”

“We’ve tried lots of different programs both online and in workbook form, and nothing seemed to ‘click’ for math instruction. When we started Math Mammoth, I noticed my children’s math confidence building. Topics are thoroughly covered, and the online enrichment games are great too! Highly recommend!”

Some other main features of Math Mammoth Light Blue series are:

* It is mastery-oriented and organized into chapters by topics. Thus, in each chapter the curriculum concentrates on one theme and its connecting topics (such as place value, multiplication, or geometry). Each grade level typically contains 8-10 chapters.

* The curriculum focuses strongly on conceptual understanding.

* Visual models and exercises are used extensively.

* Mental math and number sense are emphasized.

* There are free videos that are matched to the curriculum.

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Maria Miller is a math teacher who started writing math books for homeschoolers in the early 2000s.  She noticed how several of the then-popular homeschooling curricula did not explain the “why” of math (conceptual understanding), and that prompted her to start writing something better. The popularity of her books has soared over the years, and tens of thousands of people – both teachers and parents – have enjoyed using her books with their students.



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Maria of Math Mammoth.

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  1. I am looking for a new curriculum for my 6 yro. We are not loving what we are using. I am excited to go check out the youtube videos for a taste of MM!

  2. I have one son that really loves workbooks too and as a former public school math teacher I can attest to the majority of books not addressing why. I love my children to see math in a different light. This program looks exciting and definitely interesting.

  3. I use Grade 1 with my son right now….I would love to win the rest of the series! He loves it and i love the simplicity of it. We switched from Math U See to Math Mammoth and have never went back.

  4. I love that the information is right there on the worktext if they need to refer back to as they go through the page.

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