Fundamentals of Basketball Review & Family Time Fitness Giveaway {Closed}

Recently, one of our four sons has really shown an interest in learning how to play basketball. It all began when he picked up a ball while waiting for his brother at a karate lesson and realized that he really enjoyed the challenge of dribbling the ball. He loved to see how long he could do it for and actually got pretty good with some practice.

I was thrilled that my six-year-old was showing such interest in a sport that seemed to really keep his attention and focus. I could tell he was motivated to learn more. And then he asked me if he could “learn how to play real basketball.” It was right at this time that I was given the opportunity to review a new module created by Family Time Fitness. I was so excited to announce to our son that yes, we could actually learn the fundamentals of basketball as part of our PE curriculum at home.

I’d already heard a lot of great things about Family Time Fitness as a whole Homeschool Physical Education program, so I was really curious about this module and the way it would work. Bear in mind, this mom to four boys has no experience at all with basketball. I’ve never played and don’t know the rules, so I was a little nervous at the thought of trying to teach the fundamental skills of this sport.

My worries were put to rest when I received our Basketball Module lesson plans. Family Time Fitness does an excellent job right from the beginning as they let you know that this Level 1 Sports Specific Training Program is designed to help parents and teachers teach the core movement and skill sets in preparation for more advanced training if they are interested in progressing. This was the perfect way for us to introduce basketball to our son while being able to do all of the lessons at home (both indoors and outdoors) and with minimal equipment.

Program Design

This beginning level program is comprised of 18 lessons, 2 assessments, a brief history of basketball, and many fun facts or rules. Each lesson is designed to be 30 minutes in length and is comprised of a combination of some or all of the following:

  • • History, fun facts and/or rules
  • • A warm-up
  • • Ball handling
  • • Dribbling
  • • Passing
  • • The basic lay-up
  • • Basketball fitness
  • • A cool down

Right away, we were impressed with the history, fun facts and rules given at the beginning of each lesson. As a mom and teacher, I truly appreciate the way this module is laid out. It’s very easy to follow. Each lesson lists approximately 10 to 14 activities geared to show your child how to gain the basic skills necessary to learn how to play basketball. Not only are there great descriptions for each activity, but every single one includes a link to a short video demonstration. I was so thankful for these demos to help us along the way.

My son has loved every bit of these lessons and has looked forward to “Basketball PE” each day. One of the bonuses of this module is that it really can be done inside or outside. On rainy days, we were easily able to enjoy our lessons in the living room. And on nicer days we took our basketball out on the deck.

Now that my son does have some good fundamentals down, he very much wants to continue learning the game and playing basketball. I must admit that even though it was only one of my kids that was initially interested in learning to play basketball, all four of my sons (and Mom too!) have joined in. Taking our time and really learning the fundamentals specific to this sport while getting some great exercise together as a family has been really good for all of us.

A Great Thought to Remember
It isn’t about doing a zillion basketball drills and warm-up exercises; it is about doing a few drills and warm-ups repeatedly and correctly that build a basketball player and the confidence, he or she needs. Hence, you will find repetition in the drills and warm-up exercises. Remember, your child is a beginner. These are the building blocks.

We highly recommend Family Time Fitness’ Basketball Module as a great way to introduce your children to basketball and to diversify Physical Education in your homeschooling days. We’ve certainly loved it!

You can learn more by visiting Family Time Fitness! Find Family Time Fitness on Facebook and Twitter.

Family Time Fitness Giveaway

This week, two lucky Hip Homeschool Moms will win a Fitness4Homeschool Platinum Package from Family Time Fitness – valued at $137 each! This comprehensive package for homeschoolers includes:

  • • Core 1 Physical Education Program
  • • Core 2 Physical Education Program (available in January 2013)
  • • All the K-5 Workbooks
  • • Fundamentals of Basketball Sports Module (reviewed by Megan above!)
  • • . . . plus a one-year subscription to Home Educating Family Magazine

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  1. We love sports in our house. I really have never thought that we needed a PE curriculum but this has me thinking twice about that. All my children play sports and are very active but I’m learning there are other aspects to PE than just being active. Thanks for this post and giveaway!

    1. You are absolutely welcome, Stephanie. I felt the same way until we reviewed this curriculum. I just ordered the whole PE curriculum after reviewing the Basketball Module and cannot wait to get started.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful program and a great resource for our homeschool. I would love to have this for my boys.

  3. Right now we are willy nilly in the fitness area. We used to go to a gym several times a week but due to finances, had to stop. We want to add a PE program to our homeschool to add some consistency for ourselves.

    1. Gidget,
      We’ve never had any formal PE program. I always figured that getting outside daily and just going to parks, riding bikes etc. was enough. But, I’m finding that there are so many basic activities that my boys were clueless about until we began using an actual PE program. They are loving it. And I love that we can do all of it inside or out….doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not. 🙂

  4. We attend a homeschool class but most of what we do is unstructured. I would love to be more organized in adding this to our homeschool.

    1. Julia,
      Our PE has always been very unstructured too, but I’m finding that our kids love the organized structure much more than I expected and they’ve learned so much already. Thanks for entering the giveaway. Hope you have a great week.

  5. I so need help in this area. Not being a very sports minded parent, it is one area that I don’t think we are covering anywhere near what it should be.

    1. Hi Bec,
      Boy do I hear ya. I am not sports minded either. I was never involved in sports growing up and so basketball was foreign to me. But, I have to say, Family Time Fitness did an excellent job putting this curriculum together. As a mom of 4 boys who were looking forward to learning basketball skills, I was so grateful for this package. I have also learned a lot and have completely enjoyed the process.

  6. This is just perfect timing. I have been trying to find something for my boys to do to keep them active. I came across Family Time Fitness a couple of days ago. I sounds perfect for us!

  7. Right now we don’t do a whole lot, just general play. I think we need a regular PE program because I don’t want us to be unhealthy and I find it easier to stick to a program someone else puts together.

    1. I completely agree with you Jessica. I love the structure and organization of Family Time Fitness. This is our first time ever having any “formal” PE and we’re loving it. My boys think it’s cool, so obviously, I LOVE THAT!

  8. This looks awesome! I always worry that my boys will grow up to be great surfers and skateboarders but will have no idea what to do in a pick-up basketball game. 😉 haha…I’ve always felt like PE is lacking in my homeschool curriculum! This is great news.

    1. Monica,
      You make me smile. Of all the boys I “know”…yours are probably the most active and skilled in their chosen sports. Love it!!! My boys would thrill in learning how to surf and skateboard. 🙂 But, I do know what you mean. I think as homeschool families, part of the beauty is that we can be flexible in our Phys. Ed. We’ve never done anything formal, until this year. Now that we’ve added this element, I’m thankful. I never would have known how to teach my boys the basic skills of basketball on my own.

      Hope you have an amazing week!

  9. Well right now with a toddler in tow it is kind of hard to be fit at all. I think this program will give me the push I need.

    1. Dena,
      I know the feeling…I have a really hard time finding any time to get fit. That’s why I decided that this will be the year I involve myself in PE right along with my boys. I have to. It’s the only way I’ll ever get any exercise. They love it when I do this with them and it encourages them to work hard too. We did the basketball module together and that was a lot of fun. We all enjoyed it.


  10. Hi Christy,
    I know what you mean. We love getting outdoors too. Hiking, biking, walking, going to parks. These are our favorite things to do. Family Fitness Time has been a great way to teach some skills that I had never thought to teach, including basketball. Also, with so much rain in these parts and a toddler….often it’s not easy for us to get outside. I like the option of getting some early morning exercise and skills teaching inside (where it’s dry and our 2 year old can play along side of us, or nap) and then getting outside whenever we can.

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