10 of Our Most Popular Articles from the Past Year

I don’t always share our 10 most popular articles from the past year. As I was looking over the list, though, I realized it includes some great articles that some of you may have missed. I will also share our list of our most popular articles of all time, and I hope you love those too!


10 of Our Most Popular Articles from the Past Year

1. What if My Child Refuses to Do School Work?

child refusing to do school workLet’s face it. Most of us will deal with a child who refuses to do school work at one time or another. But there are ways to try to find out why it’s happening, and there are constructive ways to deal with the problem. So if you fall into this category, don’t feel like a failure! Instead, know you’re not alone and you can deal with whatever is causes the problem and move on to a successful school year.


2. How to Make a Clay Cell Model

cell made of clay

When we first shared this science activity, we didn’t yet own Only Passionate Curiosity. Nowadays, that’s where you’ll find most of our hands-on ideas, worksheets, science experiments, etc. And since we freshened up that site this past year, we hope you’ll take a look at it! This article right here on Hip Homeschool Moms, though, continues to be one of our most popular!


3. Unpoppable Bubble with Free Printable Recipe


This article is popular because not only is it fun, but it includes ideas for making it educational! And of course, it also includes a free printable recipe for making your own unpoppable bubble solution.


4. A Science Experiment, Temptation, and the Bible

science experiment

This easy science experiment illustrates not only a science concept but also a hands-on way to teach your children how God helps us resist temptation when we ask Him.


5. Printable Easter Story Trivia Game

One way I like to really get the kids to dig into the Easter story is to play an Easter story trivia game #Easter #Printable #Homeschool

This is an Easter story trivia game, but it continues to be popular all year!


6. Make-Ahead Macaroni and Cheese Recipe 

Macaroni and Cheese in dish

We don’t share recipes often here on Hip Homeschool Moms since we now have a recipe site just for that purpose! This Make Ahead Macaroni and Cheese Recipe is one we shared here before we started our recipe site, though. (And like Only Passionate Curiosity, our recipe site, Love These Recipes, just got a makeover.) We hope you’ll visit Love These Recipes often and that you truly do love the recipes you find there. It’s a fairly new site, so we’re in the process of adding new recipes, but we already have some good stuff going on over there!


7. .Five Simple Ways to Help Kids Memorize Scripture

Memorize Scripture

If memorizing Scripture or having your child memorize Scripture is something you’d like to start doing this year, these 5 simple ways to help kids memorize Scripture are just what you need!


8. Seven Scheduling Tips for a Working Homeschool Mom

mom creating schedule

More and more moms are working and homeschooling than ever before! Some work from home. Others work outside the home. One thing working moms have in common is that a schedule is important for homeschool success.


9. What Is Your Child’s Learning Style?

It’s so much fun reading about learning styles! And it can be helpful for your child (and yourself!) to discover your child’s learning style. It helps make “doing school” more fun for both of you, and it helps your child retain more information too.

10. The Benefits of Homeschooling Year Round with Free Printable Calendars

year round clock

I discovered year-round homeschooling when my children were still in elementary school, and we tried it and loved it! There are several different kinds of year-round homeschooling schedules. In this article, we share year-round homeschool information, schedules, and free printable calendars to use to schedule your school days!

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