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Easy Apple Paper Bag Craft for All Ages!

One of my favorite things about fall? APPLES! Another favorite thing about fall? FALL CRAFTS! If you enjoy apples and fall crafts, too, then you will love this fun and easy apple paper bag craft. This craft uses several things you may already have at home (including paper bags and those plastic grocery bags you probably have lying around). It’s also simple enough that even really young kids (toddlers and up) can enjoy making it. Plus, the end result – a giant red apple- is adorable and makes a great fall decoration!

What You Need:

How to Make It:

To get started, take your green construction paper and cut out a few simple green leaves. (You will probably want 1-2 per apple craft participant.) This is probably the only part that younger children will need assistance with, but ages 5 and up or so can probably do this part with some kid friendly scissors. 

how to make an apple craft from a paper bag

Next, open up the brown paper bag and stuff it about half way full with clean plastic shopping bags.  Even toddlers can enjoy this part! I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have lots of old grocery bags spilling out of a special drawer in my kitchen. (Maybe yours live in a pantry or in the garage.) It’s very satisfying to be able to put them to good use in a craft.

When your paper bag is plushy and about halfway full,  twist the top of the bag tightly. This seals the bag and also forms the stem of your apple! 

how to make an apple craft from a paper bag

The next step is to paint your apple. Especially if you are working with younger kids, the “washable” aspect of the paint is important! You may want to make sure any precious surfaces (or outfits) are covered. Then just load up your foam brush with red paint and have fun! Leave the stem natural–it’s already the right color!

how to make an apple craft from a paper bagThe last step is simply to apply a bit of glue to your leaf (or leaves) and attach each one to the stem of the apple.

how to make an apple craft from a paper bagAllow your glue (and paint) to dry completely.

Ta-da! Once they are dry, you can use your apples as decorations. They would also make a sweet gift from your child to a friend or relative.

We hope you enjoyed this apple paper bag craft!  If you are looking for some other fun and simple paper bag crafts, we have other autumn themed ones coming up soon!

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