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7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Book Lover’s Day

August 9th is Book Lover’s Day, which is well-worth celebrating in my opinion! Here are some fun ideas for making the day special in your house.



Record a book together.

I am doing this with my daughter, Monkey. We’re taking turns reading a book out loud to each other and recording our readings. We can then play the story later for my youngest daughter (who is 2), or Monkey can play it back for herself later. She likes to listen to music or stories as she falls asleep, and recording your own books is usually cheaper than purchasing audio books.

If you want to get really into it, perform different voices or add your own sound effects!

Declare it “book day.”

We did this a few times when I was a child. Pick a book that you want to re-create, and bring it to life with food, clothing (if you can convince your family to dress up), activities, and anything else you can think of. If the book has a movie, watch that together as a family. If you need food ideas to go along with your book, my favorite site to use is Food in Literature.

Make your shelves “rainbow themed.”

I love the look of rainbow bookshelves. We’ve had our books arranged into a rainbow for a few months now, and it is surprisingly elegant. I love looking at it. At our house, we get to re-arrange the shelf every 2-3 days as our two-year-old loves to remove all books from the shelves for fun.

Love books? Then you won't want to miss Book Lover's Day on August 9th!

Make a book cake.

My sister-in-law baked a book-themed cake for my last birthday, and it was the best present ever! It is pretty easy to make–just cook your cake in two loaf pans and use a sharp knife to shape the cake to look like an open book after it cools. Use decorative icing to make the cake look like open pages. You can add whatever words you want; you don’t have to say, “Once upon a time Brenda turned 29.” 🙂

Make a book craft.

Old paperbacks can be transformed into so many fun crafts (I usually use old historical novels). We’ve personally made a book page wreath, book page banner, and a book pumpkin, but there are hundreds of other things you could make using old book pages.

Visit your library.

The best celebration of all for Book Lover’s Day is to visit your library (or bookstore if you want to get really crazy). If your children don’t have library cards yet, today would be the perfect day to start a lifelong love affair with your local library. We all love visiting the library and picking out new books to read!

Make a book quote shirt.

Collecting book quotes is one of my favorite hobbies. I love shirts with book quotes on them, but most commercial shirts are $20 or more. Luckily, craft stores sell inexpensive t-shirts and fabric paint, so you can make your own quote prints for a fraction of the cost and include quotes that have personal meaning to your family.

Are you and your kids book lovers? With enough recognition, maybe we can get Book Lover’s Day added to the government holiday list! What ideas do you have to add to my list?

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Brenda is a professional writer and homeschooling mother to two girls in Dallas, TX; with a passion for books, DIY, and creative education. Her blog,, is all about homeschooling, crafts, green living, and fun. Keep up with the fun here!

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