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Montessori Language Arts: Pink Material Lesson & Resources

Do you know much about Montessori? Have you been curious about it? Do you love it? Are you intimidated by it? Do you want to learn more? Here is a very cool series that I have going on right now with some wonderful Montessori colleagues. It is called “12 Months of Montessori Learning.” Every month, we will be sharing posts in every subject (Practical Life, Mathematics, Botany, Fine Art, etc).
Here is a lesson using the Montessori Pink Material Series as well as a comprehensive list of great resources and printables. It is under the subject of Language Arts. This series helps teach about beginning and ending sounds, reading simple sentences, learning vocabulary words, learning how to match words with their pictures, etc.


Montessori Pink Material
The Pink Material consists of several activities. I put mine in separate pink folders to keep them accessible and organized. They are very easy to use. Others use natural fiber shallow baskets or wooden trays to keep them organized. Because our homeschool room isn’t very large, I opted for the folders to save space.
The blackline masters you see in the pictures are from my NAMC’s training binders. I printed the series on pink paper and put it together in pink folders. That isn’t necessary, per se, to print on pink paper, but I find that it helps distinguish between levels (by color-coding). The child will learn either way, I can assure you.


What, exactly, comes in the Pink Material?

Among a few variations, you will generally find: word and picture cards (real pictures or cartoonish pictures), initial sound cards, ending sound cards, initial sound cards, ending sound choice cards, vowel sound cards, word list, spelling cards, 3 sentence card sets (15 cards per set).
Below, you can see the Phonetic Picture Cards. The child matches the word with the corresponding picture.
Montessori Pink Material
Montessori Pink Material

These are the Pink Material Word Cards for reading aloud.

Montessori Pink Material
Montessori Pink Material

Here are some more Phonetic Picture Cards.

Montessori Pink Material
Montessori Pink Material
My son loves the word lists (there are more lists underneath this one)! He sees them as a challenge, trying to read each column faster than the previous column.
Montessori Pink Material
I didn’t use the Phonetic Object Box because we don’t own tiny objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet. But now I know that you can find them a lot easier than I thought. This activity can be used without the phonetic objects just fine.

Additionally, (not pictured) the Pink Material includes a Phonetic Booklet and reading sentences.

Montessori Pink Material


More information on the Pink Material

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Pink Material Printables

Pink Ending Sound Cards by Montessori Print Shop

Montessori Pink Reading Series by The Helpful Garden

Montessori Pink Series by Enchanted Schoolroom (FREE printable)

Montessori Pink Language Series Materials Bundle by Montessori Print Shop

Beginning Letter Sound ‘Word Walls’ by The Helpful Garden

Montessori Pink Series Reading Materials by Green Tree Montessori Materials

Montessori Pink Series Rhyming Cards Worksheets by Enchanted Schoolroom

I hope you have found this information helpful and that you will decide to give it a try. Which resource did you find most appealing?

Montessori Pink Material

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