Beach Bingo! (FREE Printable)

Are you and your family planning a beach trip this summer?  Or are you reminiscing about your last beach vacation or planning one for one next summer? A beach vacation is a perfect way to spend quality time together and make some wonderful memories that will last for years.  Having fun together, whether its in the big moments or the little ones, is what truly makes vacations special. We hope that this free printable for Beach Bingo only adds to the quality time you get to spend together at the beach!

This beach-themed version of the classic Bingo is simple enough for children of all ages to play.  Each square contains an image of something you can spot at the beach. It would be a great activity to bring along in your beach bag for your crew to enjoy while lounging in the sand. The printable includes five different game boards for up to five players!

Download your FREE Beach Bingo Printable here!

To play:

Print out a game board for each family member. You will want to make sure you either have a pen to mark off pictures or some kind of tokens that can be set on top of pictures. (It would be fun to use shells or pebbles found on the beach as tokens!)  Once at the beach, keep an eye out for real-life sightings that match the pictures on the game boards! As items are spotted, each player will mark that item on his or her bingo board. There are a few different ways to win bingo. However, the simplest way to play for young children is the version wherein the first person to mark off five pictures in a row, wins!

We hope that you enjoy this free version of beach-themed Bingo! May it add just a little bit of extra fun and quality time to your beach vacation!

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