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Are you looking for a fun art project for kids of multiple ages? Scribble art monsters might be just what you’re looking for! This art project is great for multiple ages because it is based on something simple–scribbling! Once the scribbles are done, each child can decorate his or her scribble according to his or her own preferences and abilities. In other words, it doesn’t matter if a child isn’t particularly gifted in art. This project is still lots of fun!


This fun art project can be used any time of year! You can do it just for fun any time, or you can make it seasonal. If you want to make scribble art monsters for a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, have your children use red and pink markers or colored pencils. For fall, have them use brown, orange, and green markers or colored pencils to make and decorate their creatures. If you’re having a birthday or other event, use whatever colors are included in the decor. It’s up to you!

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can make your scribble art monsters into scribble art creatures (Doesn’t sound quite so scary!) instead if you’re making them with younger children. These creatures can be friendly, happy, whimsical, and cute rather than scary and menacing.

Scribble Art Creatur Tutorial | Hip Homeschool Moms

If you have children who aren’t confident about their art skills, make sure to make it all about the process instead of the product. Make it fun! Make your own scribble art along with your children. You may also want to add some extra fun by adding googly eyes, sandpaper, season scrapbooking paper, fabric, or other special touches like sequins or (if you’re really brave!) glitter.

With younger children, focus on shape and color with a touch of shading. With middle school or high school ages, work more on shading and creating features.

Scribble Art Creatures Tutorial | Hip Hoemschool Moms

What you will need to make Scribble Monster Art:



Scribble Art Tutorial

scribble art monster step 1


1. Start with making a simple loose scribble.

You can be slightly purposeful but most of the time, in my experience, art just happens. Try to go with it and see what comes out. Turn the scribble every which way until you “see something” in your scribble. It may be horns or eyes or a funny nose. Perhaps it’s a beak, shell of a snail, teeth like an alligator, or some other defining characteristic. Use that as your starting point.

scribble art step 2


2. Add a few needed lines and define the features you see.

Emphasize your initial features.  This is often the eyes and nose. Once you add those, it’s usually easy to see where you want to proceed. Add more lines where you need to. It’s okay to erase a few lines too. But do leave the majority of scribbles because that’s part of what makes this project interesting to look at.

scribble art step 3


3. Keep going!

Press on through this project. Keep adding color and emphasis where you want it. Your children’s projects may not turn out exactly as they envisioned, but that’s ok! Encourage them to hang in there and enjoy what they’re doing. Add fun features such as teeth or horns or tails or whatever else you like!

Tip: Use colored pencils to add color and shading. Color darker in areas near the lines and fade out in center for round features- like cheeks, noses or even bellies.  This gives the highlighted effect where the light would be reflecting off the nearest part of the object.

child's scribble art monster

4. Remember to keep it about the process. 

Let your kids explore the process themselves. You may be surprised with what they come up with that you can add to their art portfolios for variety!

example of scribble art witch



 Scribble Art Witch:

My daughter, 20, had fun doing this project with us too and created a witch from her rather purposeful scribble.

No matter your children’s ages or skill levels, try this fun art project with them! Make it a summer boredom buster, a holiday project, a just-for-fun art exploration, or even a project related to something you’re studying. But no matter how you choose to do it, enjoy yourselves together!

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