Easy DIY Christmas Gift: Eucalyptus Bath Salts

Happy holidays, homeschooling mamas! If you’re looking for a fun, DIY Christmas (or Hanukkah) gift that your kids can help create, you’ve come to the right place! These Eucalyptus Bath Salts are really easy to put together, but they make a pretty and practical gift that all kinds of recipients can enjoy.  Once you’ve got the hang of making them, you can experiment with some of your own variations by using different essential oils, or incorporating add-ins such as orange/lemon zest, lavender buds, etc.

Eucalyptus works well for Christmas bath salts for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, the herbal, green scent goes well with the green color we wanted for the salts–overall it gives the presentation a “holiday/winter vibe.” Secondly, Eucalyptus is thought to have several health uses that make it a great oil for winter-time. It’s anti-viral and anti-inflammatory (great during cold season) and it helps you breathe deeply, which is helpful for respiratory issues (again, cold season) and stress-relief (hello busy holidays).

Note: However, keep in mind that Eucalyptus isn’t recommended for use with very young children, so use caution when making this craft with young children. If you planning to gift the salts to children under age 10, you may want to use lavender oil, instead.

What You’ll Need:

Note: these measurements are for each jar, so multiply as needed.

How to Make It:

Getting started, add all of your Epsom salts to a gallon-sized freezer bag. Using a bag works best, but if you don’t have one, a large bowl will also do the job.

Next, add your drops of Eucalyptus oil (or another oil, if you so choose) to the bag. Seal it up and shake really well. If you didn’t have a bag and opted for the bowl, stir, fold, mix and squish the mixture really well until the fragrance is distributed, throughout.

If you would like to add a festive, green color to your salts, add 1-2 drops of blue food coloring and 1-2 drops of yellow. Feel free to make it darker, if you like. Just bear in mind that the darker the salts, the more likely they are to stain a bathtub (which probably isn’t what you want). Too much coloring can also affect the consistency of your salts. A light color shouldn’t cause any problems, though.
Once you’ve added the color to the bag, seal it up and knead the bag until everything is well-combined and all of the salts are the same color.

Lastly add in any “extras” you’d like. For instance, dried flowers or citrus zest can make your salts look extra beautiful. Transfer your salts over to the jars and seal them! Wasn’t that easy? Added bonus: your kitchen probably smells fantastic.

If you’d like, you can tie some pretty ribbon or twine around each jar before you give them as gifts. Don’t forget to plan a hot bath in the near future so you can test them out for yourself!

We love DIY gifts here! How about you? Are you DIYing any holiday gifts this year?

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