Is the US Dept. of Education Softening Their Stance On Homeschooling?

Do you remember the U.S Secretary of Education John King making snide comments about homeschoolers back during the Obama administration? Many of us were a little worried that our educational freedoms were about to be put to the test! Yet here we are reading on the official US Department of Education’s blog about a military family’s successful Christian homeschooling experience! Is the US Dept. of Education softening their stance on homeschooling?


This article with a positive spin on homeschooling was part of the RethinkSchool series the USED blog ran this month. The article, Military Family Finds Homeschooling to be Just the Right Fit profiles a large military family as they share and discuss why homeschooling is a great choice for them.

Is this a good sign? We sure hope so!! To read the article, click here.



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  1. We are a Reservist family, and the flexibility of homeschooling has absolutely and without a doubt benefitted us and maximized our family time.

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