Christmas Blessing Boxes Challenge

Most of us want to help our children become more caring and giving. We want our children to think of others. To love others. To care for those in need and those who don’t have the advantages we have. When we live such busy lives, though, it can be hard to slow down long enough to think of ways to do this! For that reason, I decided to create this printable Christmas Blessing Boxes Challenge. Scroll to the bottom of the article to download the free printable.

If we want our children to truly care for others, they need to see us caring for others. They need us to encourage them to be kind, to notice when others need help, and to DO something to help them! This challenge is an easy way set a great example and begin allowing our children to do something that will help another family during the Christmas season.

I also encourage you to have your children go with you when you deliver the box to the family you’re helping. Allow them to experience for themselves how awesome it feels to do something tangible for someone else! It will be an experience they’ll always remember, and it will be a wonderful memory for you and your children to share.

Not sure who to help or who might be receptive to your help? Your church (or a church that’s local to you) can probably give you the name of a family that could use your help and would be happy to receive your Blessing Box. And someone from the church might be willing to go with you to deliver the box if you don’t know the family personally. (Unfortunately, it’s necessary to keep safety in mind these days, so please be sure you’re staying safe while you bless another family!)

All you need to do is click the picture below or the link underneath the picture to go to a free printable version of the challenge. Then just print it out, put it on your refrigerator (or wherever else you’re likely to see it every day), and begin filling your own Christmas Blessing Box!

Click this link to download your printable copy of the Christmas Blessing Boxes Challenge!


Do you have ideas for ways to bless others this Christmas season? Please share them in the comments! We would love to hear your ideas, and we may include them on our social media outlets or in a future article for this site.

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