Welcome Houston Space Center attendees!

We are so excited to partner with Space Center Houston for their annual Homeschool Day!  Welcome Houston Space Center attendees (and all the Moms that wish we could have attended)!  We hope you had a blast at Homeschool Day and that this field trip was able to stir your children’s imaginations, that it stimulated their curiosity about Astronomy, and that it will serve as a catalyst to encourage their study of Astronomy and space.

Our  team member Liz, the Hesitant Housewife, is giving a presentation on behalf of Hip Homeschool Moms.  Be sure to meet her!  Liz is sharing about how many of us got started homeschooling, what we consider and investigate when choosing what curriculum we plan to teach, and how to get connected with other homeschoolers both locally, regionally and nationally.  Hip Homeschool Moms has become a valued and trusted resource for moms when making these often difficult homeschool decisions.  Join our community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and on Instagram to become a part of the new face and voice of homeschooling!

Not able to join us at the Space Center today?  Then check out the excitement via our pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram.

To celebrate our partnership with Space Center Houston, we have joined with two of the best and most recognized homeschool science resources to offer these fantastic Astronomy prizes. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter!

  Space Center Houston with Date 2013

First Five Winners

The first five winners will receive prizes donated by Apologia.  Each winner will receive an Astronomy Textbook and one Astronomy Notebook of their choice.  Apologia Apologia AstronomyAstronomy is a scientifically sound and God-honoring study of astronomy for grades K-6. Content covered includes the major structures of our solar system, details about each planet, the Earth’s moon, the asteroid belt, stars and galaxies outside our solar system, space travel, astronauts, and more!  Apologia offers science curricula for students from kindergarten through high school.  Be sure to visit their site to learn about their fantastic Science Curriculum!


The Grand Prize Winner

The Grand Prize has been graciously donated by Edmund Scientifics. What a fabulous way to study space… with your own telescope!  The Astroscan, has been their best selling introductory telescope Edmund Scientific Astroscanfor thirty years.  The Astroscan is an affordable, high-performance telescope that is easy-to-use, maintenance-free and completely portable. Its wide field of view, bright images and usability make it an excellent telescope for beginner and expert stargazers alike.  Be sure to visit their website to see the details of this amazing telescope!  And while you are there, don’t forget to check out Sky Talk, Edmund Scientifics’ amateur astronomy blog written by James Mullaney, astronomy author, speaker and consultant who has published nearly 1,000 articles and nine books on observing the wonders of the heavens.

The grand prize winner will also receive the set of Astronomy textbooks from Apologia as well. So, with the grand prize, you have everything you need to start your Astronomy study immediately while your children are excited about the possibilities and inspired to dive into this study!

We hope you will visit and “like” the Hip Homeschooling Mom’s Facebook page and become part of our growing community!  Thank you to Liz, our Hesitant Housewife, Space Center Houston, Edmund Scientifics, and Apologia for the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic day!

Leave us a comment and tell us about your child(ren)’s favorite astronomy lesson or activity!   

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  1. My three space explorers would be most appreciative. We are working on memorizing the constellations and incorporating them into night time navigation with night hiking. They can’t get enough of the heavens, this is truly a magical giveaway!

  2. My children had two favorite activities so far. 1) When we studied the phases of the moon they had oreo cookies placed on a white plate. They ate parts away and laid them in the circle to show the different phases. 2) We measured out the relative distance of each planet from the earth and marked it with tape down our long hall and placed a colored drawing of each planet at the end of each measurement. It was a great visual and anything involving coloring, measuring and tape is a fun time!

  3. Wow – what a super cool giveaway! Just being able to explain the enormity of the heavens to my children would be an awesome concept to understand. Heck – I can’t even get a firm grasp on that!

  4. Enjoy your website!! So many great posts & I really appreciate the community-like atmosphere! Very welcoming for a new home school family 🙂

  5. My sons favorite astronomy activity has been designing an ecosystem ( community) where people could live on Mars in our living room. He used small tents, cardboard, and small boxes. It was great!! He says he wants to be the first astronaut on Mars!!

  6. I have always loved finding the constellations in the sky. My 9 year old has loved it as well, since a very young age.

  7. the thing that I learned about is that mars has water in the soil I think that is so cool and that they found another planet in back of the moon.

  8. We love getting out of the city so we can see the stars better at night. The last time we were camping my son saw his first shooting star. He loves reading non-fiction about the solar system and telling me the phases of the moon. My daughter wants to do the oreo project which replicates the phases of the moon. We are new to home schooling so this would really go to great use!!!

  9. The kids absolutely LOVE the constellations…and seeing who can find/recognize them first! I think they believe they’re just being super competitive, but it’s lodging them in their brains! lol

  10. We love looking at the stars! When studying the solar system with my oldest, we enjoyed making a model of the solar system.

  11. Today was our first time visiting the Space Center for their homeschool day and we all had a fun and educational day. We definitely will go again next year. My son was interested in learning about the earth’s atmosphere and how freezing cold meteors/asteroids burn up on their way down to Earth.

  12. I learned that Saturn’s Moon Titan has a thicker atmosphere than the Earth and the Saturn orbits the sun in 29.4 Earth days.

  13. Homeschooler of six, with two boys who love science. I am also currently teaching Chemistry and Physics to middle schoolers. I love Apologia products!

  14. favorite thing about astronomy isabout black holes, that they have so much pressure they could compress the earth down to the size of a human thumb, but still maintain its original mass.

  15. My daughter loves learning about anything astronomy related. We have about 20 books from the library in our house!

  16. My family loves to study the planets and the stars. My favorite thing about space is that everything is perfectly “spaced” from each other and it all works amazingly! What evidence of a wonderful Creator!!!

  17. My girls are fascinated with the moon! This would be a great resource to explore astronomy with them even further.

  18. My son LOVES astronomy. And math. One of his favorite astronomy activities is to figure out how much we would weigh on the different planets. And of course, black holes are fascinating!

  19. We love looking at the stars together, the planets that are visible to us from our location, and enjoying the wonder of God’s creation.

  20. Have always loved star gazing & try to do it some with my son. A working telescope would be wonderful for that.

  21. My 4.5 year old loves the ‘bunches’ of stars and is more than ready to start astronomy in science! And I am so glad that a friend recommended Apologia. I am in love with this curriculum! Something that is written specifically for children.

  22. I would love to share this with our children, that they would be filled with awe studying the universe that God created!

  23. This is one of the coolest giveaways I’ve ever seen!!! How awesome to win it would be? ! Apparently I’ve yoda on thebrain. 😉

    My fav thing about astronomy would have to be that it’s simply cool! It’s inspiring and amazing.

  24. I’m not sure my kids have s favorite, but my oldest son has been fascinated with Astronomy since we studied the Young Explorer Apologia book. He now days he wants to be a NASA engineer.

  25. Our daughter would love this. She has been asking for one for some time now. We just can’t afford it. This would be a blessing.

  26. I don’t have a favorite thing about astronomy yet but I would like to learn from the Apologia curriculum with my children. 🙂

  27. We’ve just started learning about astronomy this year in homeschooling. It is a lot more interesting than I thought it would be! We love looking at the stars at night, looking at the constellations and looking for meteors.

  28. My children have always been interested in the stars. One of our children was born overseas, and it is fun to realize we all looked at the same starts for years while we waited to become a family. Would love to win!

  29. Wow. This would be an awesome tool to share with my son, as well as my husband! I love viewing the stars, but know that my knowledge is very lacking. A fun way for the whole family to learn!

  30. Very recently we got to visit the Armstrong Museum. Then the kids and I read a book about Neil Armstrong’s life. What an amazing man of God and astronaut! 🙂 That has been my favorite thing so far that I have learned about astronomy is learning about what people have done in the field of exploration of space. 🙂 My husband is an air force engineer and we hope that he will be able to get into the space program in the air force as an engineer. How cool would that be?

    If I am a winner, please email [email protected] because my yahoo gets too much junkmail.

  31. We love Apologia science. We are doing the second year of zoology this year but we are looking forward to astronomy. When we went to Yosemite this summer the star gazing was our kids’ favorite part. We have actually been looking for a telescope that is easy to use and not too expensive. I will definitly be checking this one out. Of course it would be even better if we won one 🙂

  32. My favorite thing I have learned about astronomy is that some stars are so far away we are just know seeing the light that was emitted from them when Jesus lived.

  33. We’ve recently adopted a dog (in addition to fostering dogs from our local humane society). One of our favorite things to do is to take the dogs out for nighttime strolls, look at the sky, and try to identify different constellations.

  34. My favorite thing about Astronomy…is that no matter how big we think our solar system is…it is still very small compared to the awesomeness of what God created….

  35. Our favorite thing so far is comets. We would love to win this giveaway as we are studying Astronomy for science and don’t have a curriculum to follow or a telescope. Thanks

  36. I honestly don’t remember learning much about astronomy in school but I would love to teach my boys all about it!

  37. We are studying Astronomy this year and loving it! I still can’t believe there are only EIGHT planets now! Poor Pluto! he was always my favorite. 🙂 Would love to win this!

  38. I love the fact that space is so vast, we are only just beginning to unveil the secrets it holds. I want my son to learn all he can about astronomy.

  39. I think my favorite thing has been learning about how the elements that make up us are the same that were possibly present at the beginning of the universe.

  40. Favorite astronomy fact I learned yesterday… the sun is some 93, 026, 724 miles from the earth. That seems so far away! Thanks for the contest!

  41. One of my favorite astronomy facts is that even though Mars is so close to the sun, it still reaches temps of -280 since the lack of atmosphere prevents it from trapping heat.

  42. I love learning about the constellations. We love to go out in the summer and look at the stars….especially when there is a meteor shower.

  43. My husband is huge into Astronomy and astrophotography. My kids (ages 5 and 7) and loving learning along with him. Our favorite thing right now is seeing photographs of comet ISON.

  44. We have loved studying the planets this year. Just amazing to see how God created the universe. Would LOVE to win this!

  45. This prize would be such a wonderful tool to share with my two children as well as some other moms who homeschool that I know. I would really enjoy using these items to helps children learn about our universe. Thank you got the opportunity to possibly win something that would be such a great teaching tool!!!

  46. I think my favorite thing about astronomy is how much my son loves it. To see his face light up, while learning.

  47. This is our first year home schooling. I have a 5 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. We are using Apologia Astronomy for our science curriculum and I can honestly say that we are ALL loving it. While we did not attend Space Center Houston’s home school day, we were there the weekend before. What a great field trip to complement our learning!

  48. My favorite thing I have discovered with this curriculum is how Apologia reinforces our faith explaining how God placed the sun exactly where it needs to be for us to live!!

  49. My boys and I love learning about the stars and the constellations. They really like hearing about how the constellations were named.

  50. Our kids are enjoying learning about astronomy and this would be a great tool to add for our homeschool!

  51. I love learning about the planets, moon and sun. It’s amazing tome to see God’s work in how they all align with each other and do not work against each other. I also find it amazing that each planet is different just like each person is different. I like the analogy!

  52. I love learning about the planets, moon and sun. It’s amazing to me to see God’s work in how they all align with each other and do not work against each other. I also find it amazing that each planet is different just like each person is different. I like the analogy!

  53. Since I was a child, I had always wanted to be an astronaut. I had even put it down on my college forms. All was good until I realized that I could not handle the math. I am now constantly pointing out constellations to my sons. They would flip for the telescope and be ecstatic for the curriculum. (They have been asking to learn astronomy for about a year.)

  54. Seeing pictures from space of our own galaxy is completely amazing, but know there are even more galaxies out there beyond ours just floors me! God is beyond amazing!

  55. Studying astronomy magnifies the power and glory of our amazing God…I never grow tired of learning more about His creation.

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