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Taking Time to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Each year seems to fly by faster and faster, and I find myself asking where the time has gone. One of the major things I have been striving to do is to be sure I am taking time to enjoy the holiday season with my family.

Taking Time to Enjoy the Holiday Season from Hip Homeschool Moms

In the early years of homeschooling I felt this need to be schooling all the time. I felt so much pressure to perform overly well due to the onslaught of skeptical onlookers. As time has passed, I have learned to trust myself and the process, finding strategies and a life flow that works for us.

One of the things I have done is to take extra time off at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We take a full week off for Thanksgiving and 3 weeks at Christmas. Now instead of getting to Christmas and wondering where the time went, I am finding that we have the time to do and enjoy.

During the holiday season there are so many unusual things drawing us away from our normal course of life. Things like holiday parties, extra gatherings, fun TV specials, baking and crafting, as well as service projects. Taking time to enjoy the holiday season has really allowed us to absorb all the fun and be in the moment without feeling bogged down or overwhelmed trying to do school work too!

Through the years we have come to have some wonderful Family Christmas Traditions. These things coupled with snuggling up for hot chocolate and a movie or gathering with homeschool friends to do a service project are the foundation for why I started taking more time off from our homeschool during this holiday season.

Here are some ways to enjoy the holiday season!

So as December rolls through, consider taking time to enjoy this holiday season in whatever fashion works for your family!

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