100 Awesome Things About Homeschooling

Sometimes we need 100 reasons to get us through the day! Here they are!!!


1.  Jammies can be the uniform.

2.  Class reunion?  Family reunion?  It’s both!  How’s that for two birds with one stone?

3.  Choosing what you teach.

4.  Choosing when you teach.

5.  Choosing how you teach.

6.  Teaching differently for each child.

7.  Slowing down when your child needs to slow down.

8.  Speeding up when your child needs to speed up.

9.  Disciplining in the moment and not ‘after school.’

10.  No homework fights late at night!

11.  No early mornings…unless your 2-year-old demands it 😉

12.  Bacon and Eggs on a Tuesday?  Why not?!

13.  Birthdays are spent together as a family!

14.  Sick days are rarely a total loss!

15.  You’re a shoe in for PTO President EVERY YEAR.

16.  You save like half a day everyday.

17.  Watching all your child’s firsts.

18.  Understanding your children’s emotions.

19.  Kissing them when they need it.

20.  Hugging them when they need it.

21.  Changing the way you teach to help them.

22.  Vacation in mid-October doesn’t summon the truancy officer.

23.  Night school.

24.  Folding laundry and teaching algebra at the same time is very convenient.

25.  Dinner is science!

26.  No permission slips for field trips!

27.  The school bus is air conditioned!

28.  No parent pick up line wait times.

29.  They can check out as many books at the library as they want!

30.  Everyone gets to be in the front row when you show a movie.

31.  P.E. can be at the pool…

32.  …..in the driveway

33.  ….at the park.

34.  …..or on the trampoline!

35.  No bad cafeteria food!

36.  Shoes aren’t required!

37.  Your Kindergarten teacher and your High School English teacher got to be there every step of the way.

38.  They’re ready for college by age 8 with all the MAD responsibilities they learn at home.

39.  They can start working and saving money while their peers are still trapped at school.

40.  No need to ever be trapped inside on a beautiful day.

41.  No TESTING!  (Unless you’re state requires it.  **#disclaimer)

42.  Bilingual in any language you want.

43.  They get to work on that sibling bond 24/7.

44.  It builds confidence.

45.  Character education is required.

46.  The teacher can administer medication.

47.  Students can brush their teeth after lunch.

48.  The ones who need naps, get them!  (I’m looking at you highschooling moms!)

49.  You never wonder how your child is doing in school.

50.  You don’t wonder who they’re talking to.

51.  No worries about bullying.

52.  We can augment our lessons with co-ops.

53.  You can hang the 10 Commandments in your school room without Congressional Approval 😉

54.  Potty breaks whenever you need them.

55.  Less illness..hopefully.

56.  More snuggle time.  Unless they’re teenagers.

57.  Less worrying about your child’s food allergy exposure.

58.  A chance to start anew everyday

59.  No rushed morning routine.

60.  Recess can be 2 hours if you want it to be.

61.  Guiding your teen and young adult at the age when they need it most.

62.  College credit from middle school on at your local junior college.

63.  As much or as little technology as you’d like.

64.  Being smarter than the other adults in your life after completing grades K-12 all over again….because let’s just be honest…we didn’t remember it the first time around!

65.  You can intertwine servanthood to your community in your curriculum.

66.  Christmas shopping can be a unit on finance and economics.

67.  No back pain from heavy back packs.

68.  Freedom to say Merry Christmas.

69.  They can ask all the questions they want without a time constraint.

70.  Honing in on their skills before leaving home and changing their major 100 times and costing us a fortune!

71.  Truly being part of the ‘real world’ on a daily basis.

72.  They can do their own laundry.

73.  “I didn’t have time” can’t be an excuse.

74.  No wasted time trying to get a hold of the teacher.

75.  The kids can sit by whomever they want!

76.  You’re always the ‘star student’ of the week.

77.  Siblings teaching siblings is a beautiful thing.

78.  Running errands during Public School hours is the best. thing. EVER.

79.  Easier to make a doctor’s appointment.

80.  You’ll know if they’re cheating.

81.  You’ll never regret spending more time with your kids.

82.  It keeps you young.

83.  Homeschooling keeps you smart.

84.  Our children will look back and never regret spending more time with their parents.

85.  We’re going to be some awesome grandparents!

86.  Teaching the Bible.

87.  Saying the pledge.

88.  Meet-the-teacher can be at Starbucks!

89.  Tons of time to apply for scholarships when the time comes.

90.  Every kid gets a front row for story time.

91.  No need to ‘pass around’ the show and tell items…you are up close and personal!

92.  Field trip budget isn’t an issue.

93.  Your child can still be part of many public school activities while still getting a top notch education!

94.  You can tell the real ending to Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.

95.  Snack time whenever you want.

96.  No need to go through homeland security just to pick up your child.

97.  You can teach them life skills that MATTER.

98.  They don’t have to share a restroom with a bunch of other kids!

99.  No hard desk to sit on!

100.  Let’s be honest, EVERYTHING about Homeschooling is AWESOME and LIBERATING!


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