LOTS of Digital Products for Your Homeschool!

What Is Homeschool Grab Bag?

Do you ever look around and see all the fantastic digital curriculum and information that’s available to buy for your homeschool, but it seems too overwhelming to sort through it all and decide what to buy? There truly are lots of great digital products out there! That’s why we decided to participate in this Homeschool Grab Bag! These are 50+ companies, products, and people we believe in, and we think you’ll love them too! (Trish and I made a commitment years ago to only share products, services, and companies with  you that we use or have used ourselves or that we truly would have loved to have used with our own children. We want you to trust us and our recommendations!)


Your Homeschool Grab Bag Options:

There are two Homeschool Grab Bag options: Super and Deluxe bags. Both bags are on sale for 97% off retail! Why? Because we want these resources to be affordable for all homeschool families, and we know lots of families are having a hard time right now.

Super Bag

The Super Bag has a retail value of $779.83. This bag is the most affordable. It has 51 products and, with your 97% off, you’re getting it for only $24.95!

Deluxe Bag

The Deluxe bag (71 products!) has a value of $1547.11! This bag includes everything in the Super Bag plus 20 more products that are exclusive to the Deluxe Bag. (Many of these are bigger ticket items.) This bag will cost $39.95.

Both Super and Deluxe Bags

Both bags (whichever you choose) are immediately available by the email you provided at checkout. You’ll get a beautifully designed digital PDF that showcases each product with a product image, a short description, and a coupon you can use to claim the product from the content creator for $0.00. These photos and descriptions will help you better understand each product so you can decide which ones you want to “grab” for your homeschool.

The sale ends on July 20th, and you have 3 months from that date to claim your Homeschool Grab Bag items. All of the coupon codes in the grab bag will expire on October 31, 2020!

How Do I Get the Homeschool Grab Bag?

The sale officially begins today (July 13 at 9 AM CT) and ends on July 20 at 11:59 PM CT. To read more about Homeschool Grab Bag or to purchase it, you can head to the Digital Grab Bag website! {aff}

If you have any questions about the sale, please leave us a message on our Facebook page. We’ll answer your question as soon as we can! 

But if you have questions about the Grab Bag you purchased, or have a problem with your purchase, you can reach out to Digital Grab Bag by emailing them at [email protected].

If you’d like more information or want to buy one of the grab bags, click the “buy now” button below!

Homeschool Grab Bag Buy Now Button

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