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A Journey Through Learning

AJTL Land Animals
Our Land Animals lapbook has one full folder of beautiful mini-booklets for EACH chapter in Mrs. Fulbright’s book. It is very thorough and meaty and covers much of what Mrs. Fulbright’s book covers. It even has a built-in lesson plan that tells you the pages to read each day.

Winner will receive one Land Animals Lapbook CD.
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Academia Celestia

academia celestia chemistry academia celestia ecology academia celestia earth Earth Logic: Our Dynamic Earth; Physics Logic: Cool Chemistry; and Life Logic: Ecology Explorations are 10 week multidisciplinary, hands-on curricula that incorporates scientific inquiry.  Background knowledge, notebooking pages, and suggestions for extension activities are included.

Winner will receive 1 copy of your choice:  Earth Logic: Our Dynamic Earth; Physics Logic: Cool Chemistry; or Life Logic: Ecology Explorations.

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Edmund Scientific

ES Magic School Bus Weather

Get Ready for a Wild Ride on the Weather Lab Bus   Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride with The Magic School Bus as they explore the weather. Young Scientists learn about the weather by spinning a pinwheel, making a tornado in a bottle, swirling a paper snake, recreating the water cycle, creating a rain cloud, using a sun dial, constructing a barometer, catching a rainbow, and learning about the greenhouse effect. Young Scientists become their own meteorologist by building the bus-shaped weather station with a thermometer, rain gauge, wind meter, wind vane, and compass. The weather is then tracked on the enclosed weather chart with colorful stickers. Includes 28 colorful experiment cards, weather station, weather chart, stickers, and data notebook to record observations.

Winner will receive Magic School Bus Weather Lab.
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Red Wagon Tutorials

Red Wagon Tutorials Specializing in Online Live-Feed, Online Recorded, and DVD Science Classes.  Instructed by Steve Rosenoff, Endorsement by Dr. Jay L. Wile.  Science course options include General Science, Physical Science, Honors Biology, Marine Biology, Honors Chemistry, Advanced Biology (Human Anatomy), and Honors Physics.  

Winner will receive choice of one DVD course.

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The 101 Series

101 series logo Leann created

An Overview of God’s Chemical World.  Take a captivating tour through God’s chemical world! This 4 DVD set contains 19 individual, 20-45 minute segments examining the world of chemistry and the periodic table of the elements. Included on the fourth disc is a printable (PDF) guidebook with quizzes covering the material presented in each segment and a one-year highschool course booklet.

Winner will receive one copy of the Chemistry 101 DVD curriculum.

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Educational Insights

  multiplication slam   Build math facts fast while you race to beat your best time with Multiplication Slam™! Features five fun games that reinforce important multiplication concepts for numbers 1–9. Read the problem, scan the possible answers, and slam the one that’s correct! Missed problems are recycled until they are answered correctly, ensuring comprehension and mastery. Increasingly difficult levels, flashing lights, and fun sound effects keep kids engaged, learning and slammin’ for more! Grades 3+.

Winner will receive one Multiplication Slam game.

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Maths on Screen

MoS thurs (3)

Maths on Screen DVD “Rollercoasters and Other Flying Objects” Perfect for students aged 14+. John Roberts, BBC’s Top Gear consultant, designs rollercoasters for a living and reveals how maths has played a part in the design and construction of world famous rides like The London Eye. Hugh Hunt, Cambridge Engineer and Boomerang Expert, shows how maths can help to understand disallowed goals in football, the Dambusters bouncing bombs of World War Two and boomerangs. Follow us on Twitter @MathsonScreen and email us [email protected] for more info!

Winner will receive Rollercoaster and Other Flying Objects.

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Math-U-See Win a Free Level

Win a complete (all necessary components, from the books to the manipulatives) level of Math-U-See of your choice (Estimated value: $90 – $120).  Math-U-See is a complete, K-12 math curriculum focused on homeschool and small group learning environments that uses manipulatives to illustrate and teach math concepts. Math-U-See is currently offering free, online workshops for new or current Math-U-See customers, ranging from an overall demonstration of the program to specific, educational topics. Learn more about Math-U-See!

Winner will win a complete level of Math-U-See of your choice.

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Step Numerals

TouchMath is the premier multi-sensory approach to mathematics, making critical math concepts appealing and accessible for students of all abilities and learning styles. The versatile StepNumerals are one of many classroom aids offered by TouchMath –– designed to turn your classroom into a fun and active learning environment. Included are 15, 11″ by 11″ durable foam tiles (numerals 0–9 and math computation symbols and signs) that are sure to make your math lessons an effective and memorable experience!

Winner will receive one Step Numerals manipulative. 

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Classical Academic Press

  CAP wr_fable_program__55496.1374776257.386.500 Writing & Rhetoric Book 1 full program (grades 3 or 4) (a $45.85 value).  Includes: student edition, teacher’s edition, MP3 audio files of the stories.  Writing & Rhetoric Book 1: Fable teaches students the practice of close reading and comprehension, summarizing a story aloud and in writing, and amplification of a story through description and dialogue. Students learn how to identify different kinds of stories; determine the beginning, middle, and end of stories; recognize point of view; and see analogous situations, among other essential tools. The Writing & Rhetoric series recovers a proven method of teaching writing, using fables to teach beginning writers the craft of writing well.

Winner receives Writing and Rhetoric Book 1, full program.

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The Critical Thinking Company

The Critical Thinking Company

For more than 50 years, our award-winning products have helped students of all abilities achieve better grades and higher test scores with highly effective lessons that sharpen the mind as they teach standards-based reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history. Our products are fun, easy to use, and guaranteed to produce better grades and higher test scores.  We design critical thinking into reading, writing, math, science and history lessons so students carefully analyze what they are learning. Deeper analysis produces deeper understanding, which results in better grades and higher test scores. Over time, students who practice critical thinking learn to apply it throughout their education and life. 

Winner receives your choice of one product from this list.

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