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Cat and Dog Theology Review and Giveaway

Are you looking for a great Bible study program for your 7th-12th graders? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out Cat and Dog Theology! I learned about this program at a homeschool convention I recently attended. I’ll admit that the reason I was curious was the name. Cat and Dog Theology. I wondered what that meant, so I attended the workshop in which Bob Sjogren talked about the program, how it works, and what it teaches.

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Here’s the basic idea. Most of us have heard the joke about the personality differences between cats and dogs. A dog says, “You feed me; you love me; you take care of me! You must be God!” A cat says, “You feed me; you love me; you take care of me! I must be God!” As an owner of both cats and dogs, that joke is actually pretty true! Cats and dogs definitely have very different personalities.

That was the inspiration behind the name of this program. So many of us in our Christian lives pray self-centered prayers when we should be praying God-centered prayers. This curriculum, which is meant to be used by parents and students together, helps us learn to do that. That makes this program different than any other one I’ve seen. And I think it’s a great difference!

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At this link you can find a video of a student who has used the curriculum as she tells how it has changed her attitudes and her life. You can also keep scrolling down to see videos giving an overview of each year of the 4-year program. You can click here to see a sample week of the curriculum. And finally, you can purchase this curriculum by clicking here.

From the very beginning of the student workbook, the student is told that this curriculum can change his or her life forever! That was an exciting idea for me to share with my teenage son! We’ve only been using the curriculum for a short while, but it has already made a difference in both of our lives. Both of us have had to rethink our attitudes and ideas—in a very positive way!

The homeschool kit comes with the Bible Curriculum Workbook for Students, the Answer Key for the Workbook, two books, Cat and Dog Theology and Cat and Dog Prayer–to be read by the student as he or she moves through the curriculum, and a YouTeach Cat and Dog Theology CD. The entire first year curriculum is about $110.

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The curriculum is to be used about 3 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes each day. It lasts for 30 weeks. Each week has 3 lessons and a bonus lesson. My son and I try to do the bonus lesson each week. Occasionally we aren’t able to do all 3 lessons plus the bonus lesson, so we continue that week’s lessons into the next week. Since he works part time and homeschools, his schedule is a little different than it was when he was younger and was home more. This works for us, though, and allows us to take our time discussing each day’s information without being rushed and missing something important. Of course you could move more quickly through the program too if you want to.

One thing that I think is important (and it is suggested in the curriculum) is that the parent works through the program with the teen. I’ve learned just as much as my son has, and we’ve discovered things together that we might not have learned otherwise without the discussion that comes from studying it together.

If you’re interested in a Bible curriculum that will truly change your teen’s life (and your own!), you’ll definitely want to take a look at Cat and Dog Theology! It’s unique. It’s fun to work through together. It’s just what my son and I were looking for even though we didn’t know it!

If you’d like to get a peek at the basic ideas behind cat theology and dog theology, enter below to win a copy of the cartoon book called 101 Differences Between Cats and Dogs! It’s full of cartoons that explain and illustrate these differences. This is a fun way to get an idea of what the curriculum is all about!

Enter to below to win a copy of the cartoon book “101 Differences Between Cats and Dogs.”

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