We Learn Along with Our Children

Many people who don’t homeschool or don’t know much about homeschooling mistakenly believe that we moms need to be experts at every subject we teach in order to do a good job teaching it, but it’s just not true! We often experience the joy of learning as we teach and learn along with our children.

To be honest, I don’t remember much of anything I learned about history (or many other subjects) during my own years of elementary school, high school, or even college! We were taught from textbooks that were often dry and boring, we listened to lots of lectures, took lots of tests, and wrote papers now and then. It wasn’t very exciting, and it certainly wasn’t very memorable.

I do remember having some teachers who truly cared. Who did the best they could with their limited materials and information. But it wasn’t enough. It was impossible for even the teachers who cared the most to teach in a way that was good for each student when that teacher had 20, 25, or even more students in one class. But the good news is that we homeschooling moms have a much smaller teacher-to-student ratio. Even those who have quite a few kids aren’t normally teaching 20 or 25 students all at once!

And do you know what’s even better news? Learning along with our children is a fantastic way for our children to learn, for us to learn, and for our children to see that learning can and should be enjoyable and that it can and should be something we do for our entire lives–not just the years when we’re in school.

So if there’s a subject you’re less than confident about teaching, just plan to learn along with your children! You’ll all be better off because of it.

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