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Expansion of Civilization covers both Western and Eastern Civilization.  It is an in-depth study of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.  Students will learn how a great empire rises, and how it falls.  Studying the art, music, architecture, and literature will greatly contribute to their study and help them to realize exactly what took place.

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Expansion is the third TRISMS product we have used. We love how History's Masterminds gave an overview of World History and how Discovering the Ancient World and now Expansion of Civilization gives them a solid foundation for understanding our world today. The literature and IEW writing bring History alive, give us necessary high school credits, and open a new world of understanding. The Unit Plans help my students become independent in scheduling their time. The tests are thorough. The research helps them find out what sources are good and which are not. Love the humanities aspect. They are learning to map the world!
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