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Discovering the Ancient World is designed for High School, but is adaptable to grades six through eight. It is an integrated, research based, non-textbook curriculum including 18 units that cover the origins of 18 civilizations. Eastern and Western civilizations are studied chronologically and geographically and in-depth. The multicultural approach to literature and composition utilizes the actual writings from the civilizations. Science focuses on discoveries made during the time period with an emphasis on the concepts of these discoveries and their impact on today's technology. ------Covering from Beginning of recorded history - 500 B.C. Eastern and Western civilizations are studied chronologically and geographically in context. Experience each civilization through their- ART and how it is made, MUSIC and instruments of each civilization, ARCHITECTURE: the Ark, Çatal Hüyük, Ziggurats, Pyramids, the city of Mahenjo-Daro, Solomon's Temple, and so much more, DRAMA & SPORTS, LITERATURE (all excerpts included), COMPOSITIONS including all nine units of IEW TWSS, SCIENCE: archaeology, silk making, printing, paper making, petroleum, cotton, irrigation, embalming, surveying, hydraulics, RELIGION: the beliefs and practices of the Ancient people, ECONOMICS of trade and taxes.----- Winner of Practical Homeschooling's Reader's Award for Art Appreciation! ----- TRISMS embodies all the teaching styles and learning styles while providing structure and flexibility in perfect balance. TRISMS guides the student into self-discipline and learning applications that will stay with them for life.

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We used Discover the Ancient World in a coop setting. We had students from 7-12 grade in the class. Using TRISMS in a coop setting is great as you can have class discussions, presentations, games, different teaching styles presented ( we took turns teaching) , testing practice, group cooperation, sharing movies, guest speakers, and field trips. Coop was great as it helped keep us on track with our studies and help all of us stay accountable. They wouldn't want to go to class with out their work done.

One of my favorite projects was semester project week. Each student selected a topic from their Discover the Ancient World topics and presented it to the class along with a 10 page research paper. We had a student video and everyone gave a critique of others presentations, kinda like a job review. We made the critique forms and this was an opportunity on how to give constructive feedback in a kind way. Good people skills training and preparation for being a leader.
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Great High School Introduction to Researching, Writing, and Literature
If your students are a bit lazy this will take some teacher encouragement as this isn't your typical find the answers highlighted in the text.
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Definitely would recommend.
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The very ancient world - Prehistory to 500 BC. There is so much to learn from ancient civilizations and how they grew and expanded, how religions developed, how people lived. Studying the literature they produced was fantastic, as it is so much better than what is written about them. A study that set the baseline for the rest of our years of school and covered all our subjects except math and a lab science. I love the inclusion of IEW.
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Research based, multiple subjects
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